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  1. Thanks. Unfortunately it's true, and I know that. My question here is whether I need a new I-20.
  2. Hey guys, Here is the situation: I was accepted last year to an MFA program and had to defer it for a year. So I'm starting my program this fall. It's going to be time to apply for a visa very soon. What documents will I need to apply? Should I get new official acceptance letter and new I-20? Also, my TOEFL scores are expired - should I take this exam again? Please tell that I shouldn't!!! And please don't tell me to address those questions to my international student office - those guys proved to be utterly useless. If someone here went through a deferral please share your thoughts!
  3. Thanks for your reply. By effective I mean I want this officer investigated and myself vindicated if I'm right. Not sure if it's possible, probably not, but I want to give it a try. I don't mind sharing, but it's a long story and I'm not ready to make it public just yet. PM me where you worked as an officer and maybe I'll share with you privately.
  4. They do read emails, but when I was looking for info on my subject, my eye caught somewhere on their website that in case of administrative processing, you can't inquire before 60 days have passed - if I'm not mistaken, of course.
  5. Hey guys, maybe someone went though this too and can advise. So, I got my I-20, paid SEVIS fee, got denied a visa twice, accepted a deferral from my school. Will I have to pay the SEVIS fee again next year to receive the new I-20 and hopefully get a visa? The only thing that will change in my I-20 would be the program start date - a year from now. Thanks!
  6. Hi Jujubea, can you tell me is there any really effective way to complain about a particular officer - somewhere in the US, not in the country where I applied?
  7. Thanks, guys. I've already done everything you said (except for a lawyer). I got a deferral too. I agree it's weird to get denied an F-1 especially if you're going to grad school with full funding. Visa mills don't usually give funding, and I'm the only one international student in my program. Like I said, the denial was biased, and I'm thinking that I shouldn't leave it like this.
  8. Thanks for the advice. Getting a lawyer might be useful. Finding a lawyer is going to be hard since there are so many scammers out there. Guys, if someone dealt with immigration lawyers can you recommend a good one or give any tips on how to choose one?
  9. Hey guys, I was denied my F-1 twice in a row this summer. I'm 100% confident that both denials (by the same officer) were biased. Anyone has similar experience? Any tips?
  10. Hkaya, I feel you so much. I was denied my F-1 twice in a row this summer. Everything I have achieved getting into a fully-funded program was for nothing. I can't even tell what is worse - being denied or being "processed."
  11. Hey guys, I decided to write here because your, writers', population is much bigger than ours, screenwriters', but we're still related and still trying to do the same - to get into an MFA program! So I'm looking for feedback on my SoP and PHS, and maybe some of you folks are looking for the same thing, or somebody just willing to help, etc. I created a separate topic about this, you can find it here: http://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/69263-screenwriting-mfa-2016-sop-feedback/ So let's swap or just help each other. I'm hesitant to post on the Facebook's MFA 2016 group just yet, because I keep
  12. Hey guys, I will be applying to Screenwriting MFA programs for Fall 2016 and will need some feedback on my Statement of Purpose and Personal History Statement in a month or so. If you're applying too, let's swap our statements! I won't apply to the hot programs like USC or UCLA or NYU, so I'm kinda not your competition. If you're already there and want to help the next cohort, I'd be really appreciative and can give feedback on your recent scripts to reciprocate (I'm a very experienced screenwriter). Please feel free to PM me or leave your thoughts on how we can connect here. Thanks and good l
  13. It's probably too late since April 15 has already passed and I also feel bad for starting the topic and then disappearing, but my advise is to take the Journalism offer and see what happens. And never pay for your MFA, of course. I'm an international student too, and I wrote to both Florida programs you got in, and after their reply about no funding for internationals I didn't even consider them. Every application is money and huge efforts, you need to think twice before applying and never apply to unfunded programs.
  14. Hey guys, Is anyone applying to Screenwriting MFA programs this year? What are your results so far?
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