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  1. I got an offer from both, with a scholarship, in computational science (biology, specifically). I know that UCT has a slighly higher ranking and Cape Town is the city of my dreams, but I am just curious about the experiences of those who attend/previously attended either of these universities, so I can make an informed decision.
  2. I got an approval at the interview, but when my passport was returned, the visa wasn't stamped on it. There was a yellow slip stating 221(g) refusal notice, which stands for administrative processing. It says "we will tell you when it is complete, so that you can send your passport back to us through your post office"
  3. I wasn't really told why the a.p. was held. It could be TAL or something else. Ouch... I was thinking of applying to Canada
  4. Thank you for your answer. I already started to apply to schools in other countries. Do you think it would come up when I apply for other countries' visas.
  5. Greetings from Turkey,I got a fully funded PhD offer from Illinois Institute of Technology on last April. I applied for an F1 visa to enroll in for Fall 2016 semester. Even though I got an approval on my interview, my application status remained under administrative processing for almost six months. I had to defer my admission twice, regardless of my efforts and the university's efforts to contact the embassy several times, since they were extremely indifferent and unhelpful. At the end I got really upset and sent the embassy a veeeeery long e-mail that contained literal sentences like "I can'
  6. Hello Jujubea; 6 months have passed since my interview date. Believing that my visa application was already a lost case (no answer, nothing heard from the embassy despite the efforts from myself and the university) I decided to withdraw my application, which the embassy instantly agreed to. Now I am planning to reapply, but seeing as the political situation in Turkey is nowhere near stable nowadays, I thought that I shouldn't be applying at the same embassy in my city. Instead, I was thinking of applying in a third country, because I might be going to South America for an internship
  7. Hello Jujubea; I understand your point but I was trying to write my e-mails in the most original and unique way possible. I even quoted Obama in one of my e-mails (I think he once said Muslims should not feel like second class citizens or something like that). Anyways, So are you saying they might still ask for additional documents after weeks have passed? That sounds cruel. I booked a month-long trip to south Korea and Japan and I will be away during October. I am going to return in the first week of November. If they do ask, do I have to send documents right away or would there be
  8. 2 months and nothing has changed! I e-mailed the embassy but I am pretty sure I will get the same generic response. What am I going to do when it is January and my case is still pending?? If I'd known, I would've never applied to a U.S university at all. Does anyone know how I can contact an immigration attorney, if possible?
  9. Dear Jujubea; Thank you for the explanatory reply. When I call the embassy in Istanbul, they say they don't have any knowledge about the process and that I should contact the embassy in Ankara (the capital) even though I applied in Istanbul. Also, I sent two e-mails to the embassy in the past and got the exact same reply which was a copy paste of the statement on their website. Are you sure if they even bother to read the e-mails? I already deferred my admission for January, but I am worried that I may never be able to get a visa at all. I don't know, I just have this feeling. And I am st
  10. Dear jujubea; I applied for an F1 visa in Turkey in order to pursue a phd in the US. The visa officer who interviewed me was very kind. He only asked me four questions, why I was going to the US, where I graduated from, what I will be studying and what my research will focus on. When he saw my I20, he realized the name of the university I will attend and spelled its name with some kind of admiration. Also, he specifically knew about the university I graduated from, because I heard him say "fantastic". I could easily tell how he found my profile to be very plausible. He said "good luck in
  11. Hello MarVic; It makes me feel a little better to know that at least I am not alone in this situation, thanks for posting I will wait until Monday evening. If nothing changes by then, I will request a deferral from my university, since they already know about what's going on with my visa application.
  12. Thank you for your support If you can work on your application, you still have the chance to get an approval, hopefully. I still haven't got any response and my status is still the same. This whole situation made me mentally depressed, like, literally. I can't even begin to imagine how I will be able to proceed to study a PhD at this point. It will be very hard for me to get it together.
  13. Thank you for your reply My visa appointment was actually on June 30, which is also the date that this process was initiated. So, I might say I still have a little hope. Also, you are right about the lack of update. My status was updated on the 13th of July, so maybe nobody did any investigation since then. I couldn't have applied earlier, because I got my I20 in the beginning of June. I just want to say that while I understand how important it is for them to carry out whatever investigation is required, I would prefer if it weren't done in a way that will hinder the academic progress an
  14. Hi everyone I am from Turkey, I will start studying PhD starting August 22. My visa appointment went very well, the officer asked me only three questions, didn't ask for any additional documents and instantly gave me an approval. He even wished me good luck . However, I got my passport back 10 days later, with a yellow-colored paper attached (and without a visa). It was explained that my application required further administrative processing, but it wasn't explained why. Is there anyone here who had a similar experience? Why could this have happened to me? How long did it take you to get you
  15. Hi all! I have been reading a lot of threads about the sub 3.0 GPA issue and I am worried about it, too. So here is a brief summary of my situation. I am Emre from Turkey, a senior studying Chemistry and doing double major with Chemical and Biological at the highest ranked University in Turkey (according to the Times Higher Edu.). My undergraduate GPA is 2.81 with the grade average of the last two years being 3.04. The reason is that I got very low grades throughout the first two years of my study. For grad school, I want to study either computational biology or biomaterials (dr
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