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  1. Kate_14

    NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Don't give up hope! There are usually a couple waves of admissions that go out. I knew a couple of people who received their acceptances following the initial wave last year
  2. Kate_14

    NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Congratulations everyone! I'm so happy to report that I just checked my ROSI account and I was also accepted to UofT advanced standing!!! @adorealire - your status will change under registration history . rather than saying "no registration history" it will change to show the details of the program and your status will change to "invited"
  3. Kate_14

    NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Thanks for the info socialwerq - that clears things up a bit! I haven't heard anything from Waterloo yet, but looking at the previous forums, people saw that they were accepted on Quest late Feb/early March. I haven't seen many people talking about Waterloo's MSW program on here so it's hard to estimate a time-frame. I'm hoping we'll start hearing back within the next few weeks...like everyone else I'm constantly checking my email/refreshing application websites!
  4. Kate_14

    NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Just wanted to let everyone know that it seems Laurier has started to send out wait list offers. I received an email today asking if I would like to be put on a wait list for the advanced standing program! It's my top choice so I'm crossing my fingers that it will eventually lead to an acceptance. Also, if anyone has past experience with the wait lists I would be interested in knowing when people heard back...the email says that the wait list will be closed on July 31st - does this mean that I won't hear back until then? Or is there a chance that I could hear back earlier?
  5. Kate_14

    NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Hey everyone! I've been following these threads for the past few application cycles, but this is my first time posting this year. I have applied for the 1-year programs at UofT, Laurier, Western, and Waterloo. I'm currently working at a mental health agency in the area of family education/support but hoping to eventually move my way into clinical practice with individuals . Last year I graduated from Lakehead's 1-year HBSW program - so if anyone has any questions feel free to message me!
  6. I would definitely be interested in starting a facebook group (I cant' seem to find one as of now). I'm also a little worried about accommodations!
  7. Sorry, that link doesn't seem to work properly when I post. If you search "Honours Bachelor of Social Work 1 Yr" in the calendar you can find more information on courses.
  8. I actually did some more digging and found more information here: http://navigator.lakeheadu.ca/~/Catalog/ViewCatalog.aspx?pageid=viewcatalog&catalogid=19&topicgroupid=9084
  9. Unfortunately I don't - I've tried to find out more about the program on the website but can't seem to find anything. If anyone else has more information I'd love to know this as well. Also, if anyone has graduated from the 1-year Lakehead program, how did you find it?
  10. Congrats to everyone getting acceptances! I just found out that I was also admitted to the post-degree program in Orillia even though it's my back up plan, it's great to know I have something in place. Good luck to all of you still waiting to hear back !
  11. If you don't mind me asking, when did you find out you were accepted to York's post degree program? Did you find out through OUAC or through email? I personally haven't heard anything yet, so I hope there's still a chance for more to go out!
  12. blh22, I’m so glad you pointed that out, thanks! I realized I missed the “online form” link completely. I just clicked on it and I’m getting the error message as well - strange
  13. Hi everyone, I’m so happy I found this forum! I’ve been lurking it for the past month, and it’s really eased my nerves through the whole application process. I really appreciate everyone sharing their stories, so I thought I would contribute to the discussion blh22, I’m applying to the 2-year programs and I tried the LORIS trick. When I clicked on the “blue link” it just redirected me to my references. It seems like only the advanced standing people are beginning to hear back.

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