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  1. I turned down my offer at UVM. I was #2 on the waitlist for funding so hopefully that will help someone out! Accepted funded offer from Villanova.
  2. Sorry (not sorry) to bring a thread back from the dead, but I was wondering who has heard from, was accepted from, received funding for, and/or plans to attend Villanova this fall. I know the accepted students day is coming up but I have no idea when it'll actually be. I've chatted with some current students, but I'm very curious about prospectives like myself. I'm about 95% sure I'll be attending Villanova, and I'd love to speak to everyone else in that boat.
  3. I haven't watched the show but if you like it at all then READ THE COMICS. They are phenomenal, and (I find) an even better distraction than TV. Kirkman is a genius. Edit: I don't know about the show but the comics are more "how does society and the individual function/exist in post-apocalyptic world" and not really horror. Not sure if it's of interest.
  4. Okay, rejected from Indiana.

  5. Thanks! Just got an email. Indiana is out. So Villanova it is! Unless Vermont offers more impressive funding, which I rather doubt.
  6. Accepted to Villanova with grad assistantship! I am through the roof. I'm bummed about (most likely) not getting into a PhD program, but full funding is nothing to scoff at. Has anyone heard from Indiana, by the way? I called them last week and was told that all decisions have been made but not all acceptances have been notified. I know the first wave went out in February.
  7. Accepted to Villanova with full funding and stipend! Not even that bummed that I most likely won't be pursuing a PhD just yet.

  8. The value of a pre-application visit is debatable, and depends on the school. Some schools encourage it and some strongly discourage it. But once you've done your faculty research and know enough about your POIs to make serious inquiries or have relevant questions, if you feel confident enough to get in touch with them about your interest in the program, and if they respond, I don't see what the harm would be in asking if you could meet up in person, or speak on the phone, etc. I think it would be a bad move to just show up, not because it's presumptuous necessarily but because it could be rat
  9. In other news I'm pulling my hair out (metaphorically, so far) waiting for professors and programs to return my emails.

  10. Beware the Ides of March! Shakespeare knew about application anxiety.

  11. Why in the world do I have Lady Marmalade stuck in my head?

  12. My heart beats for 1950s literature and cultural studies. War and postwar culture are just so fascinating, and I've only just begun scraping the surface. I wrote a thesis in undergrad on the role of WWII in JD Salinger's fiction. I'm especially interested in discussing the why certain authors/texts are written off by academia as too middle brow to be taken seriously (Salinger, Shirley Jackson, Richard Yates, Kurt Vonnegut) and what those exclusions say about the society that forms them. I am also very big into the Beats, especially the female perspective of an ultimately patriarchal artistic c
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