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  1. Hii MBNoah, just checked, mine says the same. Have no clue what it means.
  2. Has anyone from thsi year's applicant heard anything?
  3. I just got a rejection letter. I was expecting it since the confirmation e-mail said we'd be contacted by departments in a couple of weeks after the deadline if we were of interest. Anyway, I'm glad that I don't have to worry about this one anymore.
  4. I know about the final notfication date, that's why I thought they should be organising interviews around this time.
  5. Does anyone know where are we likely to get a notification about interviews or rejections? Any past applicants or anything? Or is it department specific?
  6. Yes, they just e-mailed me with the correction
  7. I got a confirmation yesterday that they got my application. I applied for the Summer internship but the confirmation said that they received my application for the Spring internship - I really hope it's just a typo! I e-mailed them and as always I got an automatic e-mail about the high number of inquiries so I don't expect an answer. Anyway, the Spring internship has already started so I don't think I should be worried. Anyone else got a confirmation?
  8. GhostsBeforeBreakfast at what point are you in your studies at the moment? I think you can get accepted mid-way through grad school but you have to come up with a really good reason for why don't you wait until graduating. radredhead, you sound like a great applicant to me, good luck! The MoMA seems like quite 'cool' and flexible with their selection, so I think you should be hopeful! The only thing is that not all departments have interns so we might get unlucky. I applied for Education and I hope they have projects going on so they'll need a hand or two during the summer.
  9. If any of you guys wanna connect through social media please let me know I think it would be a great idea before our internships!
  10. Guys I just got an acceptance letter as well! I'll be in Venice in August and September. Good luck everyone who's still waiting!
  11. Sorry for the phantom post, my phone is crazy. I haven't received anything yet either but I wouldn't worry about them not receiving our stuff - imagine all the info is handwritten|printed so they have to individually type everyone's email, that must take a while... I think we should receive info tomorrow if not, we can start to panic (I'm btw writing an essay and checking my phone every 30 seconds is not helpful lol...)
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