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  1. Hey Kendall, to be clear I have no intent to be offensive. It blew up my mind if you (or the others) think the other way. You started attacking people without knowing the time stamps of the downvotes in the first place, so don't try educating others if you behave the same way
  2. Says the person who started all of this looool Hey, instead of focusing on what time they send out notifications (and downvoting replies you dislike), why not wish everyone receiving a desired offer?
  3. Nothing is certain, so as you said, then what's the point? I only downvoted because the other two downvoted mine. In anyway was my post offensive? If not, then that was just mean.
  4. Let's not fight about this lol I just thought the question of this thread is funny. It doesn't really matter at what time of the day the notifications arrive... Discussing it just makes people more anxious
  5. That's because of time difference I suppose?
  6. during... the day? I am sure they don't work at nights lol
  7. same, although I didn't get promoted this yr lol better to get into my dream program
  8. First rejection letter came into my Gmail on a Saturday LOL... Can't believe they even work on weekends!
  9. @crhyme I was rejected by UW Madison as well, still waiting for results from other institutions Congrats on getting an offer from UBC!
  10. homie

    London, ON

    yes. it's close to campus (if you are not a medical student). quiet, wild and humid... some units have lots of cocks including mine
  11. homie

    London, ON

    Are you male or female lol
  12. That sounds interesting! Good luck!
  13. Big congrats!!! Which area of geography are you focusing on?
  14. homie

    Calgary, AB

    Thank you! The website is really helpful
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