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  1. I'm waiting for TWU as well. I've checked the portal everyday hoping for a change in the status!
  2. I'm in the undergrad at Arkansas and I've heard they send out letters after our spring break, which is in two weeks. Good luck!
  3. UNT sent out some acceptances on Friday. Not sure about the others!
  4. Just got accepted into UNT today!!! That's the only one I've heard back from so far
  5. I also applied and I'm still waiting to hear back! Good luck to you!
  6. Has anyone heard back from these schools yet? UNT, TWU, TCU, Baylor
  7. Arkansas sent out acceptances/rejections around the end of March last year, so I'm sure it will be the same for this year! Good luck!
  8. TWU is my number one school I want to get into! Do you mind telling me your GPA/GRE scores....I'm super nervous about applying and I just want to know my chances of getting in there!
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