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  1. I took a gap year between my BA and this fall when I'll be starting my PhD, and I couldn't get a technical writing job to save my life. They were all hiring older people with more experience who had been laid off. I applied to over 300 jobs and was interviewed twenty-three times: no result.
  2. I'm lucky enough to be starting my English PhD program this fall at the same school where my s.o. is in the physics PhD program. I'm certainly expecting it to be difficult just because we'll both be very busy, but I actually think it will be easier than this past year has been, when he was in grad school and I was working a boring full-time job. When we're both busy with the same types of things, it should be easier to understand about time constraints, schedule conflicts, and stress.
  3. I want to say thanks, as well. GradCafe has helped me through two extremely stressful rounds of applications now! Last year, as a college fourth-year completing my thesis project, I applied to eight schools and was roundly rejected by every single one. I was so confident that I'd get multiple admits, but once the last rejection letter rolled in, I realized that I had had no idea what I was doing and my confidence was beyond crushed. My professors had little time to help me with application materials because they were also teaching me classes and helping me with my thesis, and I had little t
  4. Just wanted to say CONGRATS to the eleventh-hour waitlist admit! I applied to Buffalo last year and was so disappointed to be rejected, but this year I know what it feels like to get the dream admit off of the wait-list! CONGRATULATIONS! I love how good it feels to be happy for fellow GradCafe-ers!
  5. For anyone accepting an offer at UW-Seattle: Declining my offer there was difficult. They are a great department and their DGS is one of the kindest, most helpful people I was in contact with through the whole application process. Enjoy the next several years there!
  6. The cattle heard what? I went to UF as an undergrad for a year, and while I left because I did not like it, it wasn't very much different from any gigantic public university. Pretty sure that was just a troll, but thought I should add that.
  7. Nothing was mentioned about the number of spots; the only similar bit was that fewer than 4% of applicants have been accepted. I have no idea how many applied. Good luck! And thanks for the congrats; I am very, very, very grateful and happy.
  8. I'm a Floridian and lived in Gainesville for a year attending UF; if you have any questions about things there, I might be able to answer. (I don't have work for a few days, so I'm just laying around reading, haha.)
  9. I just saw that there was a postal acceptance, but looking again I think they may have mis-clicked the drop-down menu? Hard to tell! Thanks, and good luck to you too!
  10. Are they postal mailing rejections AND acceptances? That seems weird. I'm emailing today to remove myself from the wait-list anyway.
  11. I'll be declining an MA in Professional Writing offer from Carnegie Mellon University with about 50% tuition funding,an MA in English offer from Claremont Graduate University with a 25% tuition fellowship,an MA in English offer from Georgetown University with as-yet-unsettled funding, andan MA/PhD offer from the University of Washington in Seattle with no first-year funding but with (very probable) full funding after the first year. I hope those spots go to people who would love to have them! Particularly UW; they are an amazing program with some excellent professors and I know that a lot o
  12. Haha . . . I worked in a bike shop. Seriously. In fact, I'm at work there right now. However, when I applied last year I was in the middle of my fourth year of college writing my thesis; when I applied this year, I already held my BA and I used my thesis as a writing sample. I think the biggest difference was doing a LOT of research and applying to schools particularly strong in my field, with a lot of effort put into the personal statements. I wrote a totally different, personalized one for each program.
  13. Thank you! I had to read the email a few times before I could believe it. Good luck to everyone. I feel like a living reminder that perseverance and hard work really can pay off! I had such a terrible application season last year, and such an excellent one this year. Don't give up if you really want it.
  14. I just got in. Kind of in shock, but so happy. I'll be accepting.
  15. I've been following up on both of my wait-lists. One DGS has been super responsive and helpful, the other pretty perfunctory. But I think it's good to express continued interest.
  16. I'd love to know, too. I have a horrible sinking feeling that this means I won't get in off of the wait-list, though. Uuuuuugh.
  17. After visiting Carnegie Mellon this week, UW has become my definite back-up school. UT is my first choice, and if they don't come thrrough, I will most likely be moving to Seattle this fall despite the lack of first-year funding. I did like Carnegie Mellon, but the MA isn't the right program for me when I have the option of a PhD. Rhet Man, good to hear that the department feels good. I've seen the school before as an undergraduate so I'm not visiting, but obviously I haven't spent time in the English department.
  18. Still waiting to hear from both UF and UT. They're both supposed to notify wait-listers this coming week (first week of April).
  19. I got in with a 25% fellowship. I'll definitely be declining this week, and I'm not attending the visit.
  20. rhianita: I'm definitely doing either an English PhD or the Professional Writing MA at Carnegie Mellon. I'm glad you got into a school you're happy to attend!
  21. Just got my rejection from the Higher Ed. Admin. program. I'm still wait-listed at UT's English PhD program, and all of my other admits and rejections are for English programs.
  22. That's my thing, too. I have zero debt right now and I'm very wary of accumulating any. I still have no idea what I'll choose. I'm really hoping that one of my full-funding wait-lists comes through so that the decision will be made for me, haha.
  23. You too! I like how we're the main population of the UT thread now, haha. Congrats on your other offers!
  24. That's exactly what I've heard, too, so hopefully it's true? I was a little surprised that UT wasn't more forthcoming about the financial situation for their wait-listers; UF told me everything in their first email. It isn't much money from UT, but it's more than you'd get from a lot of schools currently, and as someone living in Austin, I can say it's definitely doable on 14k if not super-comfortable.
  25. I'm thinking along the lines of how bad funding is this year. UW is about equal to UT as far as prestige goes (it's probably better in my particular field) and they can't fund their first-year students. A lot of English departments are having serious budget issues, including UF. So I think that UT stands out with it's full funding and it's department that hasn't been much rattled by budget issues (so I've been told my disinterested profs). Also, it seems that all of the first-round admits attended the visit weekend and are waiting until after it to make their decisions. Not that that means
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