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  1. Hi everyone! I am attending UGA for MFA in Painting/ Drawing- super excited. I applied for 3 different Public Service and Outreach Assistantships and am anxious about hearing back! Has anyone else applied from them and heard any news on receiving an award? I emailed the Director and she said that award letters were mailed out last Friday. I live in SC (my mail man didn't come one day this week) but I figured it would be today- if I got one. She also said students who did not get an award should be notified by the unit directors this week. Good luck everybody!
  2. I remember GSU being late last year- someone got accepted at the end of April but this could have been someone that was previously on the waitlist.
  3. Interesting, I think this might be the case for some other institutions (as you have said) this year who are normally known for being well funded- as this happened to me also with two acceptances. I wonder if some institutions are being tighter on funding as a precaution for upcoming years...
  4. Does anyone know how many UGA incoming MFA candidates receive full assistantships per year? Well an estimate...
  5. So I just checked my University of Georgia status and it says Applicant Accepted Offer (It had said decision pending) . I interviewed for painting on the 18th but haven't gotten an email yet stating acceptance. I'm thinking that might come tomorrow. Anyone in the same boat?
  6. There are programs out there with a Feb. 15th deadline. SUNY Purchase...You just need to sit down and go through the schools you are interested in and check.
  7. I wish you luck- I got rejected from Tulane last year. The programs I got into last year just were not the right fit for me so I chose three this year with potential full funding/ painting faculty and student work that I like UGA, Michigan State, and Penn State.
  8. Just a heads up for everyone applying on slideroom. When I went to submit an application that was due today the credit card payment processing was down luckily it came back up in time to submit but just keep that in mind if submitting on the last day.
  9. Thank you poodle-doodle. I am also wondering about their funding this year because of the situation with their governor reducing their budget at Wisconsin- Madison.
  10. Does anyone have any insight into University of Wisconsin- Madison in regards to their painting program? I know that they are highly ranked and have gotten good reviews from people but while their website is informative their student work is not showcased well. Thanks!
  11. I applied to 7 last year got into 4 (but they were not the right fit). Applying to 3 this year but of course this scares me a little. It is also due to not having enough money to spend on more application fees! I think applying to as many as you can afford and think is a good fit for your work is a good overall strategy but would say really research and visit some programs ahead of time if you are able to because online presence can be so different than visiting in person.
  12. I would say that your work ethic (what your CV and resume show- consistency in regards to jobs and exhibitions) plays a big factor. And then of course your portfolio is the key. While I have experience teaching at high school / college level and received a TAship last year, others that received a TA had no teaching experience. Therefore, show that you are serious in your statement of purpose and interviews and submit a great portfolio and as you said it is based on the institution- most are competitive.
  13. KRT

    20 images vs 20 pieces

    Hi, I submitted 19 pieces with one detailed image (mostly paintings). Some programs even say on the admissions page that detail shots can be one of the 20 images.
  14. Indiana Bloomington is respected for painting and representational (figurative) art. Search the forum threads there are lists that provide insight into schools with excellent funding.
  15. All three year Univ. of Iowa, Ohio State, Ohio U. are some to look into.
  16. I declined four acceptances, even a full ride and generous stipend. Some wanted my decision too early but overall I did not feel that these programs were the right fit for me. I am on the waitlist for one more school. Is any one else still waiting?
  17. The only University I am waiting to hear from is Ohio University- painting. Has anyone heard anything?
  18. Congrats on acceptance! How did they notify you (email/ mail)? I have been unable to get into my account to check my status.
  19. abcady, Glad you enjoyed it...How were the studios set up? Just curious since they said they were semi-private.
  20. Has anyone heard from Tulane? I thought their admissions decisions would have been in last week or the week before...
  21. Has anyone heard from Indiana Bloomington painting or Ohio University?
  22. I'm going to have to do the Skype interview for Purchase. Two teaching jobs here...
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