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  1. The second guessing and checking and re-checking file names of what we uploaded and sent -- I guess this is life for the next little while. In the meantime, I've got a thesis a bunch more applications to finish. Good luck to everyone
  2. Well, the first deadline day (Dec. 1) has come and gone. Who submitted? Getting a start adapting one aspect of an application for another, I have already found one typo!!
  3. I am doing precisely this as we speak -- I think it is really important that the writing sample showcases your ability to work with your second or third languages.
  4. Would love to know what happened to you -- I could be in this situation next year and I am sure there are many others in it even now.
  5. I've always been curious about this award. Is it usually public policy/sociology fields that get them -- that's the image I have of it in my head. Good luck to all applicants!
  6. Do you mean to say that you would leave the current MA to attend the PhD if accepted? Just trying to sort your timeline here. Unless you are sinking into deep debt for that second year, I don't know how this would look either the application or later ... anyone have thoughts about that? I will say that I have seen it done when the person moves across the world to the country/region DIRECTLY relevant to the PhD research they are taking up.
  7. Also thought about this after reading up on the Frank Knox Fellowship. I did see at least one recent recipient listed who was in history (a program that guarantees funding) - I think I might email them, actually. Did you learn anything?
  8. Canadian aiming at US PhD programs (2020 start) here. Fullbright Canada has me all confused. I can take the award (15k usd) to the American institution I list in my application (enter three in a dropdown, maybe list more in the actual written part itself?) -- I get that part, except maybe if I get in only somewhere I didn't list in my application. The problem is I am planning on applying to maybe 8 or more schools. Should I just append a list in the SOP? Maybe in a footnote? Also, the deadline is Nov. 15 which is causing me some troubles. Some schools aren't due for a month or more after that. What's more, I actually have plans to meet with POIs sometime likely AFTER Nov 15 but before those schools' deadlines. But Fullbright Canada asks for proof that your application has been submitted by Nov 15 for their internal deadline. Do all the Canadian applicants deal with this every year? Good luck to everyone.
  9. Jason Dittmer's Diplomatic Material: Affect, Assemblage, and Foreign Policy, Philip Roth's Portnoy's Complaint (hilarious), and a work on Global History (Historiography) in Japan by an amazing prof at Tokyo University named Haneda Masashi.
  10. Is there a reason for that? Maybe I will try to make a copy out of the changelogs.
  11. Was the document culled to reflect only 2018 offers? The chart is much, much shorter than I remember.
  12. I would be careful when explaining Japanese immigration laws as 'favorable.'
  13. If you take a MEXT scholarship, getting into a Japanese uni get much easier. How about TouDai? You get full ride and guaranteed stipend for the duration of your programme - it carries through from an MA to a PhD, both of which the university would have you complete. The MEXT application process includes a research proposal. Apply for it through a JP embassy in your home country. There is also the 'university route,' but that is a little more complicated and the particulars seem more of the 'case-by-case' variety. Alternatively, where did you have in mind?
  14. You would have to write the entrance examination, in addition to all the steps of obtaining MEXT. If you can make it through all the rounds though, the security is unmatched -- the scholarship continues for the duration of your studies in Japan and is automatically extended if you move on from MA to PhD. Moreover, you are given up two years as a 'research student' to prepare for those entrance exams while taking advantage of affiliation with that institution. I would add to @hirosh's post that an 'in' with your prof can help big time on the entrance process. At another national university, for example, the interview provides a great opportunity to make your case to your supervisor and a few other faculty members. This might allow you to make up for a weak showing on paper. It's all about who you know.
  15. I will add h-net to this to create the perfect combo of self-updating info-feeds. Even a quick glance while on the train, in line at the bank, etc, can spark a future interest or opportunity! Good post @AP
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