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  1. Check out on and off campus independent newspapers and blogs. Vancouver has a slew of them (though I think the Georgia straight was just bought up??? RIP my angel👼). @starshiphistory
  2. Brideshead Revisited (the series from around 1981)
  3. enjoy one of the most beautiful campuses in one of the most beautiful parts of the world! Congrats.
  4. Do it. I did and the results were worth it. Does your POI seem willing to go to bat for you? They can be of help on that front too.
  5. Before the virus got bad, I asked for more -- basically to help my move. A few weeks later I had a one time award to be taken up on matriculation. Always, always worth a shot. Many people told me to try it. I'm glad I listened.
  6. Could you not still use the money to visit NYC and quietly walk through campus? Just a (perhaps dastardly) idea ....
  7. Can't edit but I would like to explain my post better: I meant for HEAL which went out in the wake of History PhD rejections for those who applied there with East Asian/Transpacific topics. Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  8. Certainly the chance to study with Prof. Sebastian Conrad would be an incredible opportunity. Through him connections could be made with Tokyo and Princeton Universities by way of the Global History Collective, I would think. Check it out here: https://coretocore.tc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ About the program itself, I hope someone else might be able to provide you with their opinions/experiences. Good luck.
  9. I had this yesterday and now it seems to be gone ...
  10. Yes, I have been seeing Harvard EALC results posted though I wondered how users were treating HEAL. I read the results as EALC being apart from HEAL and that no HEAL results (or even unofficial tip-offs) have been posted.
  11. What better school for that subject?!? Congrats! Edit: I see another Princeton waitlist on the results list ... The plot thickens, lol
  12. This thread has been so quiet this year! Columbia (EALAC) seems to have sent word today. How about Harvard with HEAL? The sent their History rejections today but nothing from HEAL yet, right?
  13. Harvard rejections are out
  14. How very NYC 😉 (edit: oh god I just realized it was a rejection for you -- hopefully NYU works out?!? Keep the NYC dream alive)
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