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  1. Certainly the chance to study with Prof. Sebastian Conrad would be an incredible opportunity. Through him connections could be made with Tokyo and Princeton Universities by way of the Global History Collective, I would think. Check it out here: https://coretocore.tc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ About the program itself, I hope someone else might be able to provide you with their opinions/experiences. Good luck.
  2. I had this yesterday and now it seems to be gone ...
  3. Yes, I have been seeing Harvard EALC results posted though I wondered how users were treating HEAL. I read the results as EALC being apart from HEAL and that no HEAL results (or even unofficial tip-offs) have been posted.
  4. What better school for that subject?!? Congrats! Edit: I see another Princeton waitlist on the results list ... The plot thickens, lol
  5. This thread has been so quiet this year! Columbia (EALAC) seems to have sent word today. How about Harvard with HEAL? The sent their History rejections today but nothing from HEAL yet, right?
  6. Harvard rejections are out
  7. How very NYC 😉 (edit: oh god I just realized it was a rejection for you -- hopefully NYU works out?!? Keep the NYC dream alive)
  8. Waitlisted at Princeton a few hours ago. Any insight into how this works there would be of HUGE help. Is it ranked by department or by field? What does this mean for my chances to visit (I'm international)? Should I reach out to people outside the admissions office (POI, department admin)? @HardyBoy, perhaps you can help? Here's to hoping more news comes this week. Good luck everyone. Edit: dipping back into 2014 and further, I see that Princeton almost never (actually never?) takes people off the waitlist. Bummer.
  9. Looks Princeton is getting going! Congrats to the first admit. I suppose it was a direct, personal email and not a portal update, right?
  10. Wow congrats! What a way to find out... I can't imagine.
  11. Penn sent out another wave of interview invites last week and it looks like they are following a similar schedule as in previous years. This means interviews in last week of Jan/first week of Feb, offers around Feb 16th, and rejections in a big wave the following week.
  12. Unfortunate, but I am glad to have this info. Thanks.
  13. Got mine at the same time
  14. That threw me off too. I think Harvard at this point is just applicants hearing from their POIs -- very case by case. Last year some mentioned they got the email saying they were 99% in and that their file was "going up" to the DGS that week, etc. We could be approaching that stage now.
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