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  1. Hi to the poster who received an interview invite from University of Wisconsin-Madison, congrats on the invite! Would you be so kind to PM me to let me know who your POIs are? Thank you very much!
  2. same here. could the posters PM me know your POIs? That will be really helpful. Thank you so much!
  3. Hi, can the person who heard back from University of Calgary PM me his/her POI if possible? Thank you very much!
  4. Same here! If willing, please PM your POI's initial and congrats on getting the interview!
  5. All the best to you @wootar and @WillComeTrue! I hope you guys get your acceptance!
  6. I thought about what you were thinking when I was on the waitlist. I figured that if I have waited for so long, it doesn't matter if I wait awhile more. I could just wait for the email to come, just in case if I annoy the professor or being considered as pushy. Just my two cents worth! But you are almost there! One more day!
  7. Hang in there! You have already waited so long. I think you could send the adcom professor an email reiterating your interest and perhaps check if the vacancy has been filled yet? I know it's a total agony to be stuck in limbo but stay positive!!
  8. I'm also interested in aging!! What are your specific interest in aging?
  9. Thank you @Timemachinesfor your encouragement. I was half expecting the rejection and when it starts to sink it, it is really discouraging. I'll think about my plan B and see if I would do better next application cycle. Meantime, let me just grief over it. :| are you still going to accept the offer if you get off to the waitlist?
  10. I just received news I got rejected off the waitlist. Kind of expected it yet well think I need time to grief and think about my plan B. All the best to the rest of you who are still waiting! Hope it will turn out well for you!
  11. hey @WillComeTrue! I'm doing the same, trying to distract myself by keeping myself busy. I suppose at this point in time, no rejection letter = hopeful right? Well, hopefully all who are in the waitlist get accepted soon. Quick question. If someone only rejects an offer on the 15th of April, does that mean whoever is next in line only receive an offer after 15th of April???
  12. @buttercup8d it might be helpful for you to email/call the school to check?
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