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  1. School: Temple UniversityProgram: School Psychology PhDDate of Notification: 02/02/2017Method of Notification: Checked the website, received email laterThoughts: Help! Now I'm even more stressed. I'm in love with the professors and the program. It's totally in line with my research interests (very assessment focused) and I had a really good gut feeling during interview day. I only applied to Temple and UT Austin (my back up plan is to continue teaching), and UT's decision was a rejection. I was so excited to see I had been accepted, but was disappointed when I saw their funding offer. For the first two years, they offered a 10k discount off tuition and 8k in assistantship per year. There is no way I could swing that without drowning in student loans. Do I have any other options? Is this sort of thing negotiable? Is this a normal amount of funding for school psych? At least I'm proud that I was accepted.
  2. Applied to two School Psych Ph.D. programs - Temple & UT Austin. V=162, Q=160, W=3.5, 4 years of teaching special ed with Master's degree. Recently got an interview invite to Temple. Has anyone heard back from UT Austin yet? Their website says invitations are typically sent out early January, but it seems from the results page that some people already got invites. If anyone is willing to share, I would love to hear any insight/advice with interviews.
  3. The posters who had interviews at Maryland for school psych: What was the interview like? What are the some of the questions they asked? How many other candidates were being interviewed?
  4. I doubt this disclosure will haunt your application process, especially if it helps the faculty understand some parts of your application. A small section from your SOP sounds like a reasonable way to share this information. It doesn't sound at all like you're "playing a card."
  5. I applied to one school (Maryland), but no response yet. Good luck everyone!
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