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  1. Yes exactly! I'm not sure if they're doing the acceptance notices in waves and I'm sure the PhD sched is different!
  2. I received my acceptance with full funding today. I hope you heard back too and if not, wishing you good luck!
  3. No - they said 4-6 weeks so hopefully this week? They did say not to be worried it if seems like it is taking a long time and something about bringing it to the school-wide committee. Good luck!
  4. I heard they're only accepting 2 for that program this year!
  5. Any idea what the "final round" looks like? i.e. how many people were interviewed? They seem to be accepting a large cohort of 20-25 and I wonder what the chances are to make it from the "final round" to a "you're in!"
  6. Hey guys, They did mention to me that they intended to have interviews complete by February 7th and scheduled by the end of January. They may be interviewing in groups/rounds though - I really have no idea. I did not know whether or not an interview was required for admissions, but it sounds like it isn't based on what was previously posted. Perhaps they just wanted to clarify something on my application. @CrimsonEyes thanks for calling them up :-) Also - they told me they will be making decisions this month. Let's keep our fingers and toes crossed! Also - does anyone know how many pe
  7. I applied to the PhD in Community Health Sciences as well.
  8. I applied but have not received a call from them. Do they offer interviews?
  9. I have not yet had the interview! Thanks for the well wishes! They notified me via email about the interview and it will take place via Skype. I have no idea if interviews are a required step toward admission...their email did not say much except that the purpose of the interview was to ask some follow-up questions to my application.
  10. Do you know if the University of Michigan Doctoral Day is only for the Epi PhD program? I applied to another public health department and it is unclear. Thank you!!
  11. Can anyone provide insight on the interview process?
  12. Hello! I was offered an interview for the Harvard DrPH program and I would like to do my best to prepare! Is there any guidance you can offer me? Would you be available to chat by email or outside of this forum? It would be much appreciated!! Thank you.
  13. Hello, George Washington University has offered me an interview for the DrPH program for Fall 2016. Has anyone else here interviewed with them? Can anyone provide insight on how best to prepare for the interview? I appreciate your advice!
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