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  1. Turned down offers from Yale, Harvard, UNC and Boston so hopefully that helps out those of you who are still waiting! Haven't heard back from Vanderbilt but at this point I'm sure it's a rejection and it wouldn't be my top choice anyway. Best of luck to those who are still waiting!
  2. Haha that's true! But I feel uncertain about the chemistry... I had much better vibes interviewing at Brown and felt like communication was much better from them. Lots to consider right now!
  3. Yes but I didn't feel great about it...it was really awkward haha one was with the POI who I had mentioned in my SOP and contacted prior to applying. The other was a "random" person and I don't think he was impressed by me
  4. Check your spam folders! I was sent an e-mail on Monday from UNC stating that a decision had been made and for some reason it ended up in spam.
  5. Epidemiology. I received an email with a link to view my decision. The official acceptance letter was attached.
  6. What kind of updates? I haven't sent any myself but I've noticed for some of the schools that don't use SOPHAS, you can update some documents on the application status page.
  7. Been lurking... Interviewed with POI at Brown last week for PhD Epi. Was told to expect the official word from the admissions committee in a "couple of weeks.
  8. Finally received my rejection from UofT Epi! Hello Atlanta!
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