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  1. This is interesting. I asked a professor in my masters program and he suggested that he would not prefer PhD applicants to have a very specific idea. (It was a program with rotation in the first 2 yrs). The reason is that he found that those came in with specific things always changed their focus. Also he is willing to work with students who are more flexible with their research plans. However, when I consulted my resommenders this year, they suggested me to narrow it down on my SOP. So I did it and got good attentions from POIs - really good conversations during interviews with them (eve
  2. Hahaha yes finally decided to attend Harvard??? Declined offer from USC. I went to their visiting day and really like the program (decision was hard). If you have any question, PM me ;p
  3. Thank you!! Called them yesterday and confirmed that there is a funding package. I am now more towards Harvard ???? OMG 2days left!!
  4. Just off HSPH waitlist…No funding info though. Now I have 3 days to decide? Any funding info/school visit feedback/suggestion is much appreciated!!!!
  5. Still radio scilence from four programs…but confirmed that all their acceptances have been sent out. Should I go ahead and commit to the program that admitted me, or wait until 11:59pm April 15th? My anxiety is about to explode?
  6. Thank you! I didn't attend their doctoral day but did interviewed with my POI. I guess I may follow up with my POI to see what's going on. Thank you! This is super helpful! Thank you!
  7. Still waiting to hear back from: Michigan Epi, BU EH, Columbia EHS and Drexel Epi Anyone on the same boat? Even a rejection will be a relief…and I'm prepared for rejections
  8. I was wait-listed by a professor at the 1st round and then rejected. I wrote an email afterwards indicating that I will apply again, and got a nice reply from him. Then I contacted him in August inquiring about potential opportunity (basically money and whether he will accept new student), and learned in September that he didn't have funding. He suggested me to contact again in May. I changed my field? So the rest is history. But I feel that it is a positive experience. I would recommend to keep contact with your POI if you've established good conversations. I feel professors tend to
  9. I realized that most of the schools begin their spring break next or the following week. Means that we don't anticipate communications from them?
  10. Dunno about UNC, but Columbia Epi PhD admitted students need to apply separately for fundings (as noted on their 2017 handbook). I assume some programs maybe the same as Columbia
  11. I'm so sorry to see your post…just want to give you a big e-huge. Don't feel bad since you don't know what will happen before the infamous April 15th. This is my application cycle #2. At the time when I got full rejections, I was determined to try again. It was not until I had been rejected did I realize how much I want to pursue a PhD. So…on the other hand, it may be a good sign for you to pursue the real life you want. A PhD is never equal to susccessful careers anyway. Hang in there & Don't take rejections too hard & Glad you are figuring out your choice by this explorato
  12. I wonder if EHS does interviews, since I haven't heard any Columbia EHS interview invites so far...
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