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  1. I am attending one of those schools mentioned and my quant score was 75% ish. Verbal was over 90%
  2. WTH. They STILL haven't said anything? I'd seriously be calling them at least every week for an update. That's just rude to completely ignore the April 15th deadline
  3. Where are you going to grow the most and be happiest in the next 4 or so years? if the answer is UPitt, go. You are allowed to choose what is the best option for you-even after April 15th.
  4. CONGRATS! Are you between Harvard and USC still?? I would contact Harvard ASAP about funding.
  5. They already sent their acceptances out-a few weeks ago. They are keeping applicants in their back pocket in case anyone rejects their offer. Kind of rude imo.
  6. https://www.usnews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-health-schools/public-health-rankings/page+2
  7. Thanks! Sorry I should have specified that the funding is guaranteed for the extent of my studies, up to 5 years. I think they do annual amounts based on cost of living adjustments.
  8. I agree with the above poster, but also-be as self-interested as you need to be. If they need a commitment then go ahead and give them one. If you get accepted into program B at a later do not feel obligated to stay with program A. This is YOUR life.
  9. I think PhD stipends in general for public health are going to fall somewhere between high teens to 40K depending on where the school is located. I.E. Columbia offers at 39K stipend. I doubt the University of Iowa would give you much more than 20K given the cost of living is so low (but just a guess!). At Hopkins the stipend was offered as an annual amount I believe.
  10. Yes-full funding. Are you HPM though? Might be different department by department?
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