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  1. Please do hang in there. I got admitted to Penn State and Oregon State University without an interview.
  2. I was admitted by Pitt for the DrPH Behavioral and Community Health Science program. I also got admitted to Penn State DrPH program and Oregon State University's PhD Public Health program. I'm leaning towards Pitt.
  3. I won't be attending the accepted students day. I am an international student and don't live in the US. I do hope we get to know what the funding options are before then.
  4. Yes, i am considering UPitt. I was accepted to the DrPH in Behavioral And Community Health Sciences.
  5. I didn't discuss it in my interview but i sent an email. The reply i got says that the Department Chair is in the process of making funding decisions. Information from the website also says that many doctoral students get funded. Fingers crossed.
  6. You are right. I was accepted to UPitt's DrPH program -Behavioral and Community Health Sciences . I got my official letter already which generally states that the department has a limited number of GSR positions available each year for doctoral students. The DrPH flow chart shows that funding is explored before the interview is conducted and also a funding follow up once the student accepts the offer.
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