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  1. Same thing. As an international student, secured full funding is my TOP 1 reason to choose a school and a program. I think PhD is a job to work for professors. If I work for somebody and I still have to pay for it by myself, I don't want to do that.
  2. As far I know, some EPI PhD students have to pay for tuition and insurance some time (not all the time during their PhD) by themselves. Especially for international students, funding opportunities are very limited.
  3. When I was admitted into UPitt, I contacted some POI, but none of them replied. I think I will decline it since I have other offers already.
  4. I don't know which department you were accepted. I was accepted into UPitt EPI PhD in Jan, and received the mail admission a week later. In the mail, no funding information was mentioned. I called EPI administrator, and she told me POI will contact you if they have interest in you. Otherwise, find your own funding from other sources. I asked the average proportion of being funded in EPI department. She told me around 50% each year when they were admitted.
  5. Hi, geneticepid2018. Where is UNC portal? I have never received an email for creating a portal.
  6. Just check the email and find I'm admitted into Brown EPI PhD Program! Five years full funding + health insurance + etc.! So excited!
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