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  1. just email the graduate department and ask for a fee schedule or you can refer here, i think the visa fees is for international students https://www.mcmaster.ca/bms/student/pdf/fees_grad.pdf
  2. Just FYI, they dont monitor if anybody does these courses or not, they are just suggestions. However if you are planning on taking a lot of compsci courses and have no idea about coding, they do help. but for the mandatory compsci course, its alot different then what the online courses teach.
  3. congrats that essentially means you are both in, the graduate department just formalizes the offers and makes sure all the documents you provided are legitimate (mostly just your transcript) be warned that even tough it says 10 days, it can take a while before you receive an official letter. Personally it took me about 3 weeks and some people had to wait a month or 1.5 months. The grad department is very very slow...
  4. Email iris to find out. If you are an international student you might have to hand in a copu of visa or something. All students have to give a copy of thier transcript, that says you graduated. Thats by septembet or before enrollment. All offers are conditional right now
  5. wow this is some fucking bullshit. It June already WTF is this
  6. awesome! SUCKS THAT PPL have to wait this long. The grad dept needs to get its shit together
  7. couple of reasons: 1. I am in Mississauga so mac is much closer 2. The internships/coop is much better, i spoke to some people in the program and they all agreed mac is much better 3. Mac is known for all things health. 4. Awesome funding 5. I know a few ppl who went to mac, and they all turned out great(most of them were mba tho)
  8. honestly this is bullshit man! Like wtf is taking so long I feel for you guys still
  9. so did you guys end up hearing back?
  10. it could just be an error...i dont remeber what it said when i logged in but under action it would allow me to click on the thing and just accept. what does it say under the status column peding or conditional? i dont think i got a link with my admission letter i just went straight to mosaic
  11. you guys should email. I think the only reason me musicfeak and bluejays heard back last week was because we were very presistent that we needed to know asap. Just say you want to apply for a scholarship or you have something else to apply for. Someone posted on the results page that they were rejected i hope it wasn't any of us.
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