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  1. @angela4 I'm going through a very similar thing right now. I accepted an offer I was not particularly crazy about. I had to do it due to funding. It hurts right now; I had to reject an offer that I loved. But, I am very hopeful that I will find some light in the program I accepted once I get there. Ug, adult decisions suck.
  2. @G.Speech In my experience, this typically means you have been rejected. I'm in a different field, so maybe it doesn't apply, but when I applied to PhD programs last year, every program I never heard from rejected me. It seems pretty common for them to hold on to people just in case. However, you might contact the department. I've done this before and found it helpful! As long as you aren't demanding, people are usually pretty helpful. Good luck!
  3. I am very comforted by this post. Today I had to email my ideal POI that I would not be able to attend due to funding issues. I seriously cried. I know it is silly, but I loved everything about the program except the available funding. I had to accept an offer in which I will not be choosing a mentor until I get there due to the amount of funding they offered me. This stressessss me out. I'm trying to make the best of it right now; I'm just hoping I will end up finding a lot I like about my new program. I'm pretty sure I'll be thinking about this for years to come. It seriously felt like
  4. @fuzzylogician Yeah. I realize it was probably the smarter decision. It was just so difficult because they were so nice and made me feel like I was a good fit - which I believe I was. I also feel shitty because I had initially accepted their offer. I haven't heard back since rejecting the offer. I definitely feel like I've burned some bridges, without the intention of doing so. It's been a very emotional few weeks lol. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond!
  5. I have posted about this several times, but over the weekend, I accepted a spot that I'm actually not crazy about, and I am feeling very discouraged. I had for weeks been torn between a program that offered a lot of funding and a program where I felt welcomed. I originally accepted the offer to the school where I felt welcomed, but after watching a lot of youtube videos about student debt and reading way too many posts on here, I decided I needed to retract my acceptance and go with the school that offered funding. I feel so bad. I really loved the program I initially accepted; I got along wel
  6. Thanks for your words of encouragement everyone. I have basically been freaking out for the past 3 days over this decision. I know it is financially idiotic, and my undergrad advisor is going to flip out, but it just feels like a better fit. I'm totally terrified!
  7. Hello everyone! So, I'm about to make a really bad decision, and I just need to say it out loud. I have narrowed down my choices to Appalachian State University (experimental psychology master's) and Illinois State University (developmental master's). ISU offered me a full tuition remission and a nearly $7,000 stipend. ASU offered me an in-state tuition remission and a $5,000 stipend. I am about to choose ASU. WHY? I will have to work if I go to ASU. I will have to take out a lot more loans at ASU. The reason: I felt very welcomed at ASU. My potential mentor came to meet me on his Sa
  8. Declined: Marshall (PsyD) - Reason: It was actually a pretty good fit, but I did my undergrad there, and I am ready for something different. I also didn't feel comfortable taking out so much in loans. La Salle (PsyD; I'm actually releasing this offer today.) - Reason: It is sooo expensive. I really loved the prospect of living in Philly, but I just couldn't justify the $100,000 price tag. Decision: I haven't made my official decision yet. I am going to go to a Master's Program, though. I'm hoping it will make me more competitive for a Clinical PhD program. Now I'm just deci
  9. Right. I actually applied to PhD programs last year, and I wasn't competitive enough due in part to lack of research experience. I actually got accepted into PsyD programs (La Salle and Marshall), but they are so expensive. I was hoping to do the master's to be more competitive in the next round of applications. I actually do have quite a bit of clinical work experience. I took 2 years off after getting my undergrad to work. Research experience and GRE scores are really what's getting me down.
  10. Hello! So, I have been making myself crazy the past few days deciding which school to choose for my Master's. Here is the deal. I have narrowed it down to Appalachian State and Illinois State. Illinois State offered me a tuition remission and a small stipend (about $420 a month). Appalachian State offered me in-state tuition and a small stipend (about the same as ISU). I know, it seems obvious, but there are other factors. First, ISU is a Developmental Psychology program. My eventual goal is to go into Clinical Psychology, but I am interested in research that merges Developmental and Clin
  11. I had a quick question. About 3 weeks ago, I had an interview with my POI -- Virginia Commonwealth University, Social Psychology, PhD. I have not heard back since. During the phone interview, she told me that I should hear back about the on campus interview that next week. Would it be appropriate at this point to contact her? I just wanted to ask if I have been removed from the pool of possible students. I'm not sure if I'm just getting worked up too soon or not. Thanks!
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