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  1. Ed

    NYU 2016

    anyone else going to NYU?
  2. I got an email from NYU's GSAS Master's College in order to attend to a summer welcome event on June 17 or on July 15. Anyone else planing to go?
  3. Ed

    NYU PhD Political Science

    Hey, I am attending NYU this fall, too (Master in Politics). Have you applied for on campus housing?
  4. Ed

    Anyone else there applying through IIE?

    I made my decision some days ago (NYU, through IIE), but till that moment I had not received two replies from IIE 8Florida and Columbia)
  5. Ed

    Welcome to the 2015-2016 Cycle!

    I applied to the Columbia's MA too, and I have not received any reply. I decided to attend NYU, anyway (full tuition).
  6. Ed

    NYU 2016

    Due to Visa issues (J-1), I will not able able to move to NYC before August 20th. I have heard that Queens is a good place to live (cost, neighborhood, and so on) and not too far from NYU. I certainly know that living in Manhattan is impossible unless you get on-campus housing.
  7. Ed

    NYU 2016

    I am going to go to NYU this fall (Master in Politics)
  8. Ed

    Welcome to the 2015-2016 Cycle!

    Accepted in NYU (Master in Politics), full tuition included
  9. Ed

    Anyone else there applying through IIE?

    I am still waiting news from IIE/Fulbright
  10. Ed

    Welcome to the 2015-2016 Cycle!

    I applied to 8 masters programs. Till now, 4/4 (4 replies, 4 letters of acceptance), from Georgetown, Duke, Rutgers (Newark) and Massachusetts Amherst. I am still waiting for NYU, Columbia, Florida and Virginia
  11. Ed

    Anyone else there applying through IIE?

    March will be the longest month of the year :S
  12. Ed

    Anyone else there applying through IIE?

    Maybe, but you are accepted anyway. My concern right now is funding
  13. Thanks for your reply. Actually, I am not sure if I am going to study a Phd afterwards, because I am a lawyer in my country. About racism, it is relevant for me because I know that Duke has a better program than Georgetown, but I would prefer to live and study in a more cosmopolitan environment, if you know what I mean
  14. Well, till now I have received two letters of acceptance from Duke and Georgetown (no funding, but I hope to get a scholarship from my local government) to sudy a Masters Program in Political Science. So, what do you suggest? I am a bit worried about studying in Duke, because it is located in Durham, North Carolina, and I have heard that there is racism in that part of the US (I am from South America).
  15. Ed

    Anyone else there applying through IIE?

    I got my first reply from IIE last thursday (Accepted in Duke), but the letter was dated March 2nd.

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