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  1. Hey guys, I have another success story to report to you all. After being rejected from two of three programs I interviewed at, and being wait listed at my favorite program for a month, I was accepted off the wait list last night! Hopefully this brings a little encouragement to you all. Full disclosure: this was my second year applying, I have a good GPA but okay-to-low GRE scores. I'm so happy for everyone else who has been accepted so far and I'm keeping my hopes up for the rest of my fellow waitlisters. It's been so nice having this place to commiserate with people who truly know what it's l
  2. Ahhh I'm in pretty much the same situation. POI told me I was "high on wait list" about a month ago and I still haven't heard back! My state of mind keeps swinging between "I've been on the wait list so long, there is no way I'm going to get an offer" and "I've been on the wait list so long, I bet I have a chance at getting an offer!" maybe spending so much time in grad school limbo, like, builds character or something? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ congrats to all those who have gotten good news !!!
  3. I recently got admitted to the MA programs at the College of William and Mary and Wake Forest University. I consider these to be "upper level" since they seem to provide good research training as well as funding. If you want to know my stats feel free to pm me! On a side note, I would love to hear what other people think of those two programs!
  4. Useful information above but it's also worth noting that there are many small (or even growing!) college towns with populations wayyyyyy smaller than 400k. A population that size puts you well within the top 50 largest cities in the US. Those can feel small compared to cities like NYC but can feel big compared to towns like Ithaca NY or Providence RI both of which have great schools! I'm not in grad school yet but I have lived in several cities with population sizes between 300-700k they all provided great career opportunities in psych and I personally never felt bored or without somethi
  5. Ugh I can totally identify. I'm on a wait list at a program I absolutely love and it is so freaking hard to not be able to plan for whatever it is I'll be doing next. Although honestly waiting to hear something back post interview (wait list/rejection/acceptance) is probably the most stressful part of the whole process for me. Here's to hoping we get (good) news soon!
  6. Has anyone heard from American University after interviewing? They finished interviews on 2/8/16 right?
  7. Has anyone else applied to or heard from Wake Forrest University or the College of William and Mary? Starting to feel pessimistic about this years round of phd applications . . . .
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