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  1. But at least they offered you a first year package? Michigan accepted students and then rejected them afterward because there was no funding for everyone in the first year, and it's unclear about the subsequent years. Make sure to get the concrete details from UNC Chapel Hill or ask their current students via email.
  2. Make sure they hard guarantee the funding too. Michigan has had funding issues this year, which culminated in their withdrawing offers to some accepted students. Their AHRQ grant renewal value was lower than expected because their grading relative to their peers dropped a good amount. It is possible that those who have a first year package there may end up with underfunding or funding problems in the later years. Try to get the details to avoid any surprises that they may not be directly telling you.
  3. Is this saying the Hopkins HSR track alone had 70 applicants, and they only offered 3 HSR spots?
  4. Do decisions ever come out over the weekend?
  5. I applied to the Columbia Environmental Health PhD. Haven't heard anything yet. What do you guys know about it?
  6. What was everyone's GRE scores like. Just curious seeing SocialPubHealth had such good scores. 165 Verbal 163 Quant 5.0 Writing
  7. Anyone else waitlisted at Michigan HSOP? I was yesterday.
  8. Rejected by NYU! Anyone know about what's happening at Michigan HPM? Or Minnesota?
  9. That's interesting, I thought they sent out acceptances and rejections last week, and only took 3 students for HSRP.
  10. I heard UCLA HPM is releasing results very soon, in case anyone applied there. That's the language they use, not sure what it means though ...
  11. I got rejected by Hopkins for the PhD in HPM. But I got into their Masters for Health Economics. I know this thread is for PhD, but what do you guys think of this masters in terms of value, reputation, likelihood of getting into the PhD program. Sorry if I shouldn't be asking this.
  12. Anyone here back from Michigan HSOP? They said they released some decisions, some more left. Isn't Michigan supposed to be the best HPM PhD alongside Harvard and Hopkins? I don't know too much about positioning and which are the "best" or most "selective" in the public health space, wish I knew so I could know my chances.
  13. Anyone hear back from BERKELEY HPM yet?
  14. Does anyone know if JHU is sending out decisions in waves? I noticed they sent out waitlists last Friday, so I assume they sent out some acceptances too then. But most likely they're probably taking their time to put together the big rejection email list.
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