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  1. She didn't tell us we had to do the computer courses but it says so on the website. http://mscehealth.mcmaster.ca/apply/admission-requirements/ Although my conditional offer is only based on me completing 4th year and sending in my transcripts, it would be beneficial to do these 2 courses so that you have a bit of background in what we'll be learning (I know nothing about coding so I'm definitely going to be doing them). I'm not a huge computer person, I'm really doing this program in the hopes of becoming a health analyst at a health unit so I'm hoping this is the right program for me. I have
  2. I also received my official letter today for course based (with scholarship) in the health science specialization section! Will be accepting See you guys in the fall!
  3. Iris also told me last week she would make sure I had it by Friday so that I can make my decision. I'm assuming they were off Friday and Monday, so here's hoping they send them out tomorrow.
  4. I got into McGill MPH as well and declined. Haven't heard back from MPH at McMaster or Guelph but I will be accepting MSC ehealth at McMaster regardless of whether I get into any other programs or not. Thanks
  5. I got into MPH at Queens and MSc ehealth at Mcmaster. I'm still on the fence but heavily leaning towards the MSc ehealth just because I believe it opens up more job opportunities. I'm specializing in health sciences in that program so I will still be taking health policy, etc.
  6. I emailed Iris because I need to decide by April 1st (to let Queens know) and I told her I didn't want to decline queens without having an official letter from McMaster and she said she would make sure to send me one before April 1st (next Friday) so it should be coming to everyone else soon as well.
  7. I didn't really prepare for the interview to be honest, since I went into it thinking I wasn't going to accept it (although now I'm considering it because I'm very interested in the program). I just thought of situational times that have happened in the past that I could use as examples of teamwork, leadership, etc. The actual interview took me 15 minutes so honestly just relax and don't stress..it seems like as long as you have decent people skills once you get an interview you'll get accepted. Best of luck to everyone
  8. The interview is very relaxed! The actual talking part of the interview was only 15 minutes for me so it's not too many questions, only like a time you had to resolve a problem and why you want to go there etc. I declined McGill and I think I will be accepting Queens but I'm still waiting back to hear from other programs before declining Mac.
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