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  1. no, sorry Livenlaf, all I know is what I read here and the experience of my friend. Have you had an interview? I thought I blew my interview, but turns out I didn't. Thinking back on the process (and of course, I have no idea if the other 7 interviewees were accepted or not, though they all seemed awesome to me) is that it seemed like the interviewer wanted to know that working with people meant something strongly and personally to us, and that we could think critically about situations, and not be closed to the particularities of those we might be working with.
  2. btw, Hunter is known for being really disorganized. I feel bad for people who haven't heard yet and are wondering whether they should put down deposits for other schools in order to hold a place. don't give up hope, though. my friend who applied to the community organizing track just had his status changed yesterday to "pending interview." they may offer a great education at a relatively affordable price, but in terms of how they're run, they're part of a municipal bureaucracy. think "the post office."
  3. Hi Livenlaf, I had no work or volunteer experience, but I was accepted. I have about a 3.7 GPA. I am also 54, and I know that age is actually an asset in applying to social work school. Hope that helps.
  4. Hi all, I'm going to Hunter in the fall and they don't offer health insurance. I'm currently employed full-time, but will be quitting to go to school. Does anyone have advice for researching health care for grad students? Thanks much!
  5. Thanks, and I was accepted, too! I interviewed on a Wednesday and was informed the following Monday evening. Thinking back on the interview, I think that the interviewer was trying to push some of our buttons to see how we'd do in a stressful situation. I so felt like I didn't get it when I left that room...So I will be there in the fall. Yay! Btw, I got an email. I kept refreshing my application all day, but got the email first.
  6. Just got back from my Hunter interview and don't feel good about it. I was the only applicant there with no social work volunteer or work experience. (started the training process for volunteering, but so far no actual volunteering). I'm older and have a lot of life experience and thought that was valued so my lack of actual social work experience was being overlooked. But either the interviewer was trying to see how I handled being made to feel uncomfortable about my lack of hands-on experience or else she was deciding against me. Guess we'll see what happens next.
  7. I'm a Columbia alum (Journalism School) and live a few blocks away, but have applied instead to the MSW programs at Hunter, NYU, Fordham, and Lehman. I didn't apply to Columbia because of the price. Both NYU and Columbia have excellent reputations. NYU has a very good clinical reputation. I spoke to friends of mine in social work who have said no one really looks at where you graduated from for social work--it's not like getting a Harvard MBA--so it makes the most sense to go to the cheapest place. That said, Hunter is my top choice and NYU next. I spoke to someone who currently teaches at Hun
  8. Got an invitation for a group interview today. Clinical concentration. Going Wednesday. Hope to see some of you there. Yipppeeee! Accepted at NYU and Fordham. Waiting Hunter and Lehman.
  9. Anyone have info on Lehman? The placements and supervisors? I've applied to Lehman as a backup in case I don't get into Hunter. I must stay in NYC, and though I've been admitted to Fordham and NYU, they are so expensive (even with merit scholarships), that I'm leaning toward staying within public institutions, even if it means Lehman, which ranks low.
  10. Hello All, thanks for all the info. I must stay in NYC for my MSW and do not want to accrue too much debt. I've applied to NYU, Fordham, Hunter, and Lehman. I've been accepted at both NYU and Fordham, and like another person posting here, received a merit scholarship offer from NYU that makes the tuition virtually the same as Fordham's. But they're both very expensive...My top choice is Hunter but I applied to Lehman as a backup. Lehman is ranked 89th by US News and World Report, but I'm not sure how significant that is. How do I find out what field placements are available from each school?
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