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  1. I chose Ohio University! I chose them because they are ranked pretty well in the nation, it's a much bigger school that is further away from home, and I went to their visit day and knew it would be a good fit. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I applied to 5 schools all in Ohio
  2. I'm not really sure because for my program we didn't even have interviews. I would try searching the forum for your program good luck!
  3. Ultimately it's your decision about what you can and cannot afford, but you also need to consider the cost of living as well, how much your loans will help you, if you can get funding now or in the future, and how long you'd like to be paying off your loans. I think a lot of the time you can find ways to make the most of the school you are at. Maybe talk to the professors and see how you connect with them, and definitely visit the in state school's campus. Personally, I chose the cheaper school, but I don't doubt for a second that the education I receive will be great.
  4. I already have a cat who I love very much, I'm hoping to bring him with me to graduate school. Cats are super low maintenance pets and can be left alone for long stretches of time and be perfectly happy. It also depends if animals/pets stress you out. For example, I would never get a dog in graduate school because my family dogs stress me out and are always getting into trouble and need constant attention which I cannot handle in graduate school. It all depends on the person!
  5. Hope someone makes one for Ohio University!
  6. I would've loved to have been on U of Akron's wait list but they flat out denied me, and I didn't bother applying to Case because I knew I wouldn't get in! But keep me posted on your decision especially since I will be attending Ohio University! Good luck
  7. Part of the reason I accepted OU was that they won't be giving more funding until after the April 15th deadline once they see who is actually accepting the funding they have already offered. I think for many schools when you accept doesn't affect the amount of funding you may or may not receive.
  8. Ohio University! I went to the visit day and knew I couldn't pass this opportunity. It's an amazing program, affordable and will give me a brand new experience. Sometimes when you know you just know. I didn't see a reason to prolong a decision I knew in my gut was right.
  9. One of the schools I applied to is not accredited yet and has no graduate alumni they are so new. But, they WILL get accredited, and none of the professors or current graduate students seem concerned that they will not receive full licensing or jobs. There is a process they will most likely help you with to make sure you receive your CCCs. I don't think it should deter you in selecting a program! Good luck
  10. I have parents to help, but we just filled out the FAFSA and I'm taking out the $20,500 loan. I did not receive any funding, but I don't think waiting a year would be any better. I definitely am not attending one of the schools I was accepted to because the tuition is 66000 for the 2 year program, plus there is cost of living, books, etc. The nice thing is that at OU it really seems like most of their students get some type of hourly job, or later get scholarships, so there may be other opportunities at you university down the line. I understand financially graduate school can be really hard, but if you were accepted this time around I think it would be better to try and make it work. Also job outlook for SLPs looks pretty great.
  11. Officially got my last letter, where I was wait listed to BGSU. But I went to Ohio University's accepted graduate student info session yesterday and was completely blown away. I really thought I would attempt Kent, but on Monday I will be sending in my acceptance agreement to Ohio University so I hope that helps anyone else on wait lists for BWU, KSU, or BGSU! So excited
  12. Congrats on being accepted! I hope the funding works out for you, so far none of my acceptances have come with any funding. Update on when you hear back Also where else have you applied/been accepted?
  13. Thanks and congrats to you to on the PhD program! I got accepted to the speech-language pathology program. The visit is with my specific program so I don't know how much help I'll be!
  14. I was accepted to graduate school at OU and am visiting this Friday, not sure if I'll officially accept, but I definitely want to follow this thread in case I do move to Athens
  15. I'm sorry to hear about your rejections, don't give up just yet. Everything always works out in the end. But, as far as other options, I know a few people in my undergrad class are doing special education, higher education, social work, and OT instead of the SLP route.
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