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  1. 1. Carnegie Mellon PhD Biological sciences 2. Iowa state Universtiy (BBMB) 3. University of Rochester (biology) 5. University of Houston (Biology) 6. University of SOuth carolina( Biologicalsciences ) 7. University of North Carolina Charlotte (Biplogy) 8. University of COlorado Denver( Molecularand cell biology) 9. Northeastern univresity 10. Rennse. Polytechnic 11. University of Utah.
  2. Hello, everyone ! I graduated from university with my Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology. My GPA was a 3.91, and my GRE score was 308 with 3.0 in awa section;IELTS:6.5. I have great recommendations and have completed 3 research internships Here is the thing, I applied to 10 PhD programs last year, only interviewed at one, and was not given a spot at any of them. Which leads me to the next question, what did I do wrong? should I just stop applying and apply for my masters first? I don't want to disappoint anyone again with another round of rejections. Please tell me what to do nexttttt !!
  3. Did you get interview from those universities??
  4. DId you get interviews form those universities?????
  5. Last week I contacted the graduate coordinator of my dream college to know the status of my PhD application. But she said that they have made offers and need to wait until they hear back from most of them before they could consider additional offers. At this time, they have not made a final decision on my application. What does that mean? Am i waitlisted or ????Someone pls reply.
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