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  1. Worries: it's looking like rejections across the board this year. But, I can't be too surprised as I switched from anthropology to media studies. If I decide to apply again next year, I'll include a wider range of programs. Excitement: I said this elsewhere, but disappointment walks hand in hand with relief. I can at least move on to the next phase of my life. I've applied to jobs, all you need is one to say yes.
  2. It's normal. It's okay to feel bitter about it and still wish the best for your friend. But like @Camillalxy said, don't let it ruin your friendship. I find that disappointment walks hand in hand with relief.
  3. Not after I submitted my application, but I did speak over skype with my POI waaay back in October before I submitted my application. It was a 20 minute convo where we discussed the program and my questions and research. So, idk!
  4. I am! I am hopeful that their decisions will come next week.
  5. SAME. Though, in my case, I'm going to assume it's a rejection because my research didn't fit well with faculty. Still, this sucks.
  6. I applied to NYU MCC, they should be sending invites for interviews soon (the website says mid-February).
  7. Ugh! I totally feel you. One school I applied to hasn't made any changes to the portal since I submitted the payment on December 1st. It doesn't say whether my application is under review or anything. It's maddening.
  8. Lmao. Yeah. I took out about 20k a year for my MA. That, on top of undergrad debt, has just become a number.
  9. Preach. Fellow WoC here and I'm glad someone understands what it's like to be the first in the family to do this. I was first to graduate high school, get my BA, my MA, and now reaching for PhD! The overwhelming lack of support from my family is exhausting. They just don't understand how taxing this process is. They have no idea how to help. But you and I have both come this far and we will certainly continue moving forward. There's not enough PoC in academia, but we will be there to change it. My MA cohort graduated with eleven women of color last year.
  10. Radio silence on my end, too. NYU (MCC) should be sending invites this week or next, but after going through their faculty list again I don't think I fit very well. Expecting not to get an invite. I'm so anxious.
  11. Nah, there's nothing you can do to control the timeline. All you can do is wait and be cautiously hopeful.
  12. Don't worry about the POI. It's your future. Them taking offense is their problem, not yours.
  13. @elx I totally understand it. It's absolutely heartbreaking to be rejected. The hardest part is feeling like you aren't good enough. But you are good enough. The longer I'm on this forum the more I realize how fortunate my experience has been. When I applied for my MA I only applied to one school and I was admitted. Last year I applied to one PhD and was rightfully rejected. A blessing and a curse. I took some time to really reconsider what I wanted to do and applied to three different schools this year under a completely different program. Last year's rejection sucked, but it allowed me to refine my interests and gave me a year off to just exist. I don't know your circumstances, but if you don't get admitted to any programs this year, it'll be okay. Take time to be sad, of course, but you can come back stronger next year and try again. You've got this.
  14. You're definitely overthinking. They probably only have a certain number of interview slots for each day. Congrats on the interview! You'll do great!
  15. Be gracious! If you know for sure you aren't going to attend program A, let them know. Thank your POI for their interest and explain that after some consideration you will not be attending their program, but you hope to maintain contact for whatever reason you might want them in your back pocket.
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