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  1. Hello, Does anyone have information on Denver University (DU not CU or UCD's) EEB program? Looking for some information on the odds of getting in, the deal with the "Priority" vs "Final" deadline, so admissions questions as well as any experiences anyone has had with them. Thank you!
  2. I am confused enough. I just worry about upsetting people, that won't get solved via this. My deep seeded neurosis is it's own thing. But yeah I probably should call them and just ask.
  3. That wont be offensive to the POI? This process is so taxing I've forgotten how humans act.
  4. Okay so last week my the POI from one of my top choices contacted me and said I didnt get a TA ship for a phd program, so it wasnt going to happen for me(it was said in a nicer way, don't worry). Then I got an interview invite anyway. I was confused but quickly responded yes. I have zero idea how their system works and I thought maybe someone else liked me. Then I get an email from the POI saying since no funding that I shouldn't go to the interview and I could come by some other time. Should I still go? Will I be missing out on an opportunity if it I don't?
  5. Does anyone have information (literally any information beyond that on the website) about Colorado State University's Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management Ph.D. program? I applied 1/15 which was the due date to be considered for a TA-ship/RA-ship, had a weird thing happen with my master's transcripts that was resolved, and as of 1/28, I have had "your application is ready for review by your department." I know my application was sent to my POI. But that is all. I searched in results, the only one was from 3 years ago. I Googled, searched on this site, tried using boolean operators with a variety of terms and...nothing. Well, one thing. That Peterson's site that has dubious statistics. It has been ~9 days since my POI received my application so even how much time has passed isn't yielding information. As I am sure everyone is aware, waiting sucks beyond the telling of it. Waiting and not even having the foggiest idea when to expect anything, how their process works or anything is killer. Any, ANY information would be great. I know I should call the department and just ask for a timeline, but it seems a little soon to do that and some of my questions they may not be able to answer. for instance: I would also like information on how their admissions work. Is it POI approval heavy? Does the admissions committee have the most weight? How many applications do they usually receive? What is their acceptance rate like? Again, I'll take any information at this point. Thank you!?
  6. Cloneclub


    Same, well not the 5 years part but still! How did I miss this? @zabius are you still working with arachnids?
  7. Thanks for the speedy reply ? I know patience is not my strong suit. I think I'm also just worried that somehow even getting a faculty member and affiliate faculty member to agree to take me on won't be enough. They said there were ample TA-ships this year, which I should feel optimistic about. Some of my anxiety is the black box way this operates. My app went to the faculty member first, not the committee. Hearing that and I just read to much into it I guess.
  8. My top choice school had an application deadline on 1/15. My current institution had an error on my official transcript. I contacted the coordinator and everything was fine. But my official transcript got to admissions on 1/25 and I was told it had been sent off to the potential advisor I have been speaking with, who has already agreed to supervise me and put in a letter with the committee. So, questions: 1) I know it's been a week, should I have heard something by now? (If this seem rediculous, trust me I find it rediculous as well and I have to endure being in my own head). 2) With a 1/15 deadline, when should I expect to hear anything? 3) In bio programs what impact does the faculty and having someone agree to take you, usually have on admissions?
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