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    Implicit Bias, Cognitive Bias Modification, Harm Reduction, Suicidality, Psychotic Disorders
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    2019 Fall
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    Applying to PhD Clinical Psychology

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  1. Ooof! It is so nice to know I am not alone. I also congratulate you on hearing back from one! That is awesome!
  2. I have seen people already getting their admissions and rejections from the schools I applied to. I'm thinking will get all the rejections in late March once they are done but still feel like I have to hold out some hope that a random phone call interview will happen and I will get picked since I am still apparently in review 😆
  3. Congratulations! That is a huge step! You are well on your way, life is about the journey after all.
  4. Total nothing so far on my status but "in review." I reached out to my POIs and Admin and I am still just under review? No interviews, calls, emails, wait-list, rejections, or acceptances? Do I exist?
  5. Yay, Pacific North West For The Win! 😉😆 It's a pretty amazing place to be. Good luck to you either way!
  6. Just hoping that all the other people being considered before me decide last minute to change careers so that I get an offer 😆 lol PhD or runaway and become a traveling acrobat? 🤔
  7. Worried: I sent an email to one of the POIs I am applying to and I haven't contacted anyone because I was just going to wait. But I have had radio silence no interviews no nothing and so I sent a short and professional email since I want to work with her even if I do not get in. I feel like that was a mistake. I am worried that I wont get into a program and I wont be able to get a position in research post-graduation to gain more research experience because I gotta work. Excitement: And I will have a great masters, rock'in back up plans, a PhD is far from the key to happiness, so nothing is the end of the world.... Worried: So why am I still stressed anyway?????
  8. Maybe if I send valentines they will reconsider 🤔
  9. Thanks! I appreciate the support! I am considering waiting a year or two to see if I can do some research work post-masters to make my application stronger even before I cast a wide net. I have more than 10 years of clinical experience but only a year of research and am still writing my first paper for publication so I am a super baby with research. It is also really nice to have the prospect of contacting the POIs I like from all over not just because I want to get into the program as a whole but because I just genuinely want to get involved in their research with or without admission. It takes a huge load of pressure off lol
  10. I haven't heard back from anyone so I feel like I am just waiting for all the bad news that I wont hear till come April.... 😔 It's all I can do to not start studying for the GRE again and consider going a non-clinical track 😆
  11. I have totally been considering the same thing. I will definitely be taking a month-long silent retreat post graduation.
  12. I am looking for paid research positions either as an RA, coordinator, or working for an organization in some research capacity. I will reach out to the profs I want to work under and ask them how I can get involved. I am applying for a fellowship right now with the state. Once I have more research years under me I will apply for a PhD again. If all else "fails" I will start the non-profit I have been putting off for three years since being in graduate school land. And if that tanks I'll keep doing clinical social work ❤️ Really what is heavy on my chest is paying my 60k+ loans. I honestly feel really motivated to use all this momentum I have gained through working endlessly in graduate school to just work two jobs seven days a week and get it paid off in three years then move forward.....😩
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