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  1. Hi everyone. I got into both of these and would like to know the general perception of both of these programs. I would love to have comments on - job fairs, ease of finding internship, and overall reputation on both the coasts. My preference would lie in the program that is best revered by industry and would help me with finding internships during breaks. Thanks you!
  2. I think the OP's college is going to help immensely due to a wider recognition in the US, despite being marked by a little lower GPA. I can see a good chance in US News top 30s. Try for the UCs - LA/SD/SB etc.
  3. Your GPA should be fine, if Penn has admitted similar profile from your college before. I suppose you should be fine. Your GRE however is bit towards the lower side. Try taking it again. They superstore so you can try improving the verbal atleast, if not the quant.
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