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  1. Thank you, good luck to you as well!
  2. I have had a similar situation with my advisor giving articles and vague advice rather than constructive comments on the paper itself. I also have a deadline to finish my thesis and I have a similar sentiment with my family and not wanting to disappoint. Right now my solution is to push through and just get it done (then re-apply to other schools for PhD). That is easier said than done, I have severe writers block going on right now so I will be listening for any advice that comes your way!
  3. I have a similar experience where even professors have trouble believing that students are genuinely struggling to make ends meet. I have had a professor complain to me about the school accepting MA students who work when only partial scholarships are offered to some MA students and the others must work/live off of loans/receive parental help. I am one of the students working 2 part time jobs (for more flexibility in my schedule) in order to pay bills, etc. Everyone is different and we wouldn't be who we are without different circumstances and upbringings, but I definitely get the frustration that comes with a lack of understanding about different socio-economic status lifestyles.
  4. Other than any already listed, does anyone know of any professors/programs with some law enforcement psych-focused research/courses? I have other interests too and have already looked at pretty much all the schools that have been listed here as well as the Division 41 list. Prarie View A&M has a similar program to what you're looking for however, they are fairly new and I don't know if they are in the process or seeking accreditation.
  5. Hello All! I plan to apply for the Fall 2017 cycle. I am currently in a MA program, clinical psych. I have a forensic POI, however the school is in the process of gaining APA accreditation (2nd attempt) for the PhD program of which I've been accepted to. It's a Health Psych PhD program and although my current research merges Health/Law Enforcement I can gain more experience clinically from a school with more focus on the forensic field and more emphasis on developing clinical skills (forensic stuff-evals, assessment, etc.). This year I am looking for schools along the east coast, Texas, Alabama, St. Louis, and potentially Nebraska. My SO of 6 years lives in Maryland near DC and is Army/GradSchool so anything not too far from there gets preference. Stats: BS: Psych with Criminal Justice Minor, currently enrolled in Clinical Psych MA program 1 year doing research with my current POI 1 conference in undergrad, one planned for fall '16 one for spring '17 and one for summer '17 (Posters and presentations) I plan to defend my thesis this fall- health/law enforcement 1 year practicum experience in substance abuse treatment program at a local jail, and an undergraduate internship in probation and parole. I was a police dispatcher for 2 years in St.Louis, and currently work in records (got experience helping to proctor hiring exam). While in undergrad I was a resident assistant for 2 years. My GPA is 3.5 undergrad, 3.7 Grad, GRE 301. V:156 Q:155 4.5 Writing I want to get into a program where I can learn more clinical skills and get involved in a lab where I can expand on my talents and learn new skills, I don't mind re-taking courses especially in my weak areas. I am really trying to find some programs with a little more focus on diversity as well (part of why I attended an HBCU for my MA.
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