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  1. I am entering my 2nd year at U of T (Master's). My unit's deadline was last week and I found out I was waitlisted. Apparently, there are 15 people on the waiting list and I am in the bottom third. 😕
  2. They're sending the official offers out in batches over the next few weeks!!! Sit tight.
  3. I got the email for the unofficial offer on Friday, March 16. This past Tuesday, March 27, I received an email telling me to check my SGS application as it had been updated. I checked and the status is "Decision Made" and it provides a link to a document (pdf) of a scanned letter officially offering the acceptance with some other information. Hope that helps. Good luck!!!! Rooting for you & everyone else still waiting
  4. No, I submitted my application the day before the due date for U of T Health Promo.
  5. I'll share my stats for U of T Health Promotion: 1. Academic grades: Cumulative GPA of 3.8. I don't know what my last year will be since some courses are still in progress (the offer email said I have to maintain a mid-B), but I expect it will be about that. 2. Social science background Very strong, in sociology specialist program (I don't know what they call it at other schools, but it's like a major except more upper year/core courses). 3. A statement of intent I think my letter was really strong. I talked about my "journey" with learning about the social determinants of health, weaving in my research experience in it, what I hope to do in the future if I get accepted. In particular, I talked about HIV, since that is where my experience and interests lie. 4. Experience 2 years of research experience, the last year of that was in a position where we looked at the social determinants of health (for HIV in immigrant women of colour). I have also been doing an internship at an AIDS Service Organization doing research for them on sexual health in youth. 5. Two letters of reference One was from my work supervisor for the HIV research position, and I actually read a previous letter he wrote and it was really excellent, so that helped. The other letter was weaker, it was from a professor I had for one course that I happened to get an A in, and it involved a research component (the course content was heavily on the social determinants of health as well). I hope this helps and good luck to everyone who is still waiting!!!
  6. Yes I applied to Health Promotion. I was emailed, the status on SGS still says "Under Review" and I believe it will stay that way until they go through SGS and I receive my official offer.
  7. I am finishing my undergrad at U of T now so I'm super happy to continue here. The health promotion program seems excellent, but like you, the main downside for me is the cost. I hope it pays off! Also, just a side note, at the open house I went to in fall for DLSPH, they said the practicums may or may not be paid for health promotion (for epi, they are most often paid).
  8. So did I! Congrats!! Received it at about 2:45pm. I couldn't believe it since I wasn't expecting to hear for another month.
  9. I just came across this chart from U of T, it might be helpful. Lists the awards for grad school (in general, so you'd have to check to see if each one is available for the MPH) by type of citizenship (and other info): http://www.sgs.utoronto.ca/Documents/Graduate+Awards+Eligibility+Chart.pdf
  10. Hey, I'm also planning to apply to U of T's Dalla Lana MPH health promo stream. I attended the Dalla Lana open house last week and they talked a little about the stats requirement for health promo. From my notes on it, the B is a minimum but they like to see higher than that, and they look at the grade in the most advanced stats course you took. I'm assuming that means the grades you have when you apply, though. So if you have a B in a stats course that fulfills all the requirements (i.e. up to ANOVA and regression) when you apply, and you take another stats course in winter semester to get a better grade, I personally don't think they would do a conditional offer based on waiting for the 2nd grade, and I think they would just look at your first stats course (as long as it fulfills the requirements) and base your admission on that. That's just my assumptions on it though, so you should shoot them an email if you want to be sure.
  11. At U of T*, a term-long (e.g. fall) course is 0.5 credits or called full course equivalents (FCEs). So yes, if you took 5 courses worth 0.5 credits (per course) each term, it would be your last two full terms from when you apply. To determine my expected GPA, I looked at the end of my transcript for the courses that will have grades when I apply in January, and counted backgrounds up to 5 FCEs. I then plugged them in to this calculator: http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/webapps/aacc-tools/GPA_calculator/index.cgi And I estimated my grades for the courses I'm currently enrolled in, to guess what my GPA would be for admission. *I don't know if it works the same at other universities so I thought I'd explain. Hope that helps!
  12. I know this is an old post but I would love to know more about the U of T health promotion stream too. Especially the employment prospects after graduating. I am trying to decide between U of T's Epidemiology program and the Social/Behavioural Health Promotion program. I have heard from people that the health promotion grads are having a harder time finding full-time employment, but I don't know details or how accurate that is. I emailed the program contact about employment stats, if they have any - I can update once I hear back from her.
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