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  1. Hey guys, I got accepted to NPSIA (I got OGS, the Ontario Graduate Scholarship which amounts to $15,000 as well as an additional $14,000 with the potential of a TAship so basically $29,000 +), for GSPIA (I received a 12,000 scholarship, a $6,000 merit scholarship and a $5,500 TAship), for the MUNK School of Global Affairs (the scholarship is only $5,000 which is nothing compared to their $30,000 a year tuition). I also applied to the School of International Development and Global Studies (SIDGS at the University of Ottawa) -->($15,000 scholarship and a minimum $18,000 RAship/TAship). I have finally made my decision and I just accepted my SIDGS offer... I feel a lot better and I am no longer going to overthink this. I just wanted to let you guys know because you have all been a tremendous source of support and help. For those who have been waitlisted to any of these programs I am declining my other offers so that means a new opening and more scholarship money for ya'll. Best of luck guys! Who here is going to be attending SIDGS? Also, since I basically don't know anyone in Ottawa I would still love to meet up with some of you despite the fact that I will not being going into the same program since many of you seem to have applied to either GSPIA or NPSIA.
  2. I just checked and it still says "under review" however I received the email with the offer and that I would receive something in the mail too. So my advice would be not to rely on the status of your application, just keep checking your email.
  3. Hey guys! Just got an email from MUNK - I've been accepted into their program!! Not sure if I am considering it though since I really want to live in the capital and the MUNK program is a tad bit too expensive with few funding.
  4. I laughed really hard while reading this. Thank you for your sense of humour haha I am one of those applications she processed
  5. Who else feels that NPSIA is a lot more generous with funding and scholarships than GSPIA? Comparing my $29,000 at NPSIA to $12,000 for GSPIA... This is a huge difference, anyone else have this dilemma?
  6. Yes! I was accepted there two weeks ago and I am currently trying to decide between NPSIA, SIDGS and GSPIA. Did you apply there?
  7. Hey guys I got OGS at Carleton and 15,000 funding from NPSIA meaning 30,000. My professor told me I should have gotten more but because I got OGS they lowered their internal scholarship. I am still receiving more from UOttawa and I still have no idea what I am going to accept. Has anyone here been admitted to the Project Management and Humanitarian Aid Stream? Also has anyone here applied to SIDGS?
  8. There is a change on my application too! It says project management and humanitarian aid, anyone else in this cluster?
  9. Congratulation! and congrats to everyone who got accepted to the MPPA program!!! You guys all rock and hopefully we will be hearing back from either MUNK and NPSIA this week or the next. I was told by NPSIA that emails will be sent out next week so I am very confused since Tabbath originally told me Monday and to others she has told tomorrow... SO I guess we will find out soon. I called in today and they informally told me I've been accepted into the program.... but I didnt speak Tabbath but to someone else. I still don't know how to feel, I am soo excited! However, I have to choose between NPSIA, GSPIA, and SIDGS.... I already know I am going to turn down Munk if I get accepted there as well.
  10. Hey guys! I hope you all receive responses soon! A heads up it doesn't get any easier though, I have until next week to decide where I want to go... is it possible that the stress of making this decision is worse than the stress of waiting to hear back from school? lol
  11. At NPSIA I am planning on the project management and humanitarian aid cluster or the development policy and for GSPIA I am planning on focusing on development.
  12. Guysss I am so torn, I have been awarded OGS at Carleton (Which most likely means I am getting into NPSIA), and an amazing funding package from the School of International Development and Global Studies (at UOTTAWA) and the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA). I have no idea what school I am going to accept, realistically speaking though the offer from SIDGS will leave me debt free. I literally have two weeks to decide This is so stressful! If I were to go with the SIDGS offer would I be limiting myself? Since the focus is on International Development, I am wondering the career prospects in this field an the co-op
  13. I was accepted into the program with funding about two days ago! I am not sure about other applicants but I think I got early acceptance.
  14. They require a passive knowledge of French, I have a very very very very (keep emphasizing this) knowledge of French. However, it is expected that we work on our French language during our studies and eventually take at least ONE course in French. This sounds very daunting to be honest, learning French for practical reasons is not the same as learning it for academia.
  15. I don't think I will ever reach the level of fluency in which I can take a French course (academia in French...!). I will definitely start with Duolingo and I am currently taking Arabic writing courses (which btw is so damn difficult). I will most likely devote my summer to learning French.
  16. Which program? The School of International Development and Global Studies? I am an undergraduate student so all the programs I applied to are MA.
  17. Thank you! Also guys I am really worried about French, I barely know French (very much beginners level) and I wonder if it is required for Ottawa or Carleton and whether it will put me at a disadvantage.
  18. Hey guys! I received another response today! From the School of International Development and Global Studies at UOttawa, they are offering me a $15,000 dollar scholarship and also a $18,000 Research/TAship... I am in absolute shock. I was already undecided between GSPIA and NPSIA and now my decision is even harder but this program is offering me the most money and I love the area of International development. Helppppp
  19. I have no idea, usually getting an OGS means that you will be accepted to the school and they are giving me two weeks to either decline or accept the scholarship. In regards to the email, we are supposed to hear some news in the coming days (although I'm not sure how considering my application is still at the recommended for assessment stage).
  20. Hey all! Today I received an email from Carleton University informing me that I have been awarded the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) for 2017-2018 and that I have two weeks to decide. This just makes my decision a lot harder! Since I was leaning towards GSPIA. I emailed Tabbatha and asked her when we should hear back regarding our applications, and this was her response "I will hopefully be emailing successful applicants tomorrow about the status of their file. If not tomorrow, Monday for sure." SOOOOOOOO TOMORROW! Best of luck to everyone, and don't forget to update us all.
  21. Do you guys know how they decide on funding? Also I am curious about GA and TA positions, is that supposed to be included in the offer?
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