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  1. Hey, I wouldn't lose hope just yet. But a great next step would be continuing to get research experience. There are many postbac programs, such as the NIH prep through schools or NIH postbac IRTA at NIH, that will give you more experience and can help you next application cycle. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to know more about the NIH postbac program. I'm currently at NIH and really enjoy my experience here.
  2. Same. I did find that they specifically do not post the dates and that we should not ask them... Odd
  3. I'm hoping they still are... They did say 18th - 20th.
  4. Haha I think it depends from prof to prof. But I'm currently a postbac at NIH and my POI is on the same floor as me.
  5. Email. I just noticed that it was an email from my POI that looked a lot like an official email... So I confirmed that an official email is to follow. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. I know that the Brown faculty met and made their decisions yesterday. So I'm assuming they will be sending out invites today also? But in terms of consideration, the two programs are distinct.
  7. Brown-NIH decisions are out! Interview dates are February 21-23 at Brown University with additional interviews at NIH for GPP applicants February 19-21.
  8. I'm not sure about Biology, but for UCSD Neuroscience the dates are Feb 26th - March 1st. I found this snooping around their events page!
  9. I think the thought is that maybe they are reviewing it the order they received the applications.
  10. When did they let you know? And was it an email or call?
  11. For the Brown-NIH GPP I believe they will be sending them out late next week.
  12. Thanks! I'm a domestic student and I submitted my application on the 28th of November.
  13. And minutes after I posted my list, I got an interview invite through an email for the Neuroscience PhD program at Baylor College of Medicine!
  14. Got an interview invite through an email for the Neuroscience PhD program at Baylor College of Medicine.
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