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  1. DAAD 2017-2018

    Hello! Not sure if anyone is still reading this thread, but for those of you who received a grant for a master's study grant, were you given a "grade" out of 10 points? I applied for the first time this year, but was rejected. In the email they said I missed getting a grant "marginally" but I am wondering if they just say that to everyone. They said I was evaluated at 8,75/10 points, so for those of you who were accepted, I am wondering how far behind I was, so whether or not it would be worth a shot to apply for funding for my second year. Thanks!
  2. DAAD 2017-2018

    Hey! I am also applying for master program funding. Very nervously waiting for the April 2017 answer. Since we aren't going to hear back until either after or right before masters program application deadlines, I am assuming you are also going to start submitting those before hearing back about DAAD funding?