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  1. My thesis was on Schopenhauer. All three of my committee members thought it was very strong. I only applied to programs with strengths in 19th Century and continental. I had limited success, less than I was anticipating. The other parts of my application were competitive, at least as far as I know. I can’t help but think that if I’d submitted a sample on a more canonical figure with whom the people reviewing my application were more familiar, even limited to 19th Century German Philosophy (Nietzsche, Hegel, etc), I’d have had better luck.
  2. To continue with recent thread developments ... if anyone is planning to turn down Indiana, please PM.
  3. Personally, because of the general crazy amounts of chance and randomness factored into getting into a PGR top ten, I don’t think any one factor should be taken too dispositively. I’m not sure banking on any specific MA as having a better pipeline to the top ten in general is the best way make the decision (of course, I could be wrong about that). Anyway, I’d suggest focusing on 1) placement in highly ranked schools in your subfield (one can infer that the specialists at the PhD level know and respect the MA profs who mentor the applicants they accept); 2) overall placement at PGR 50 scho
  4. If you don’t get NIU funding, GSU. If you do get NIU funding and ... - want to work on 19th Century German Philosophy, GSU - want to work on analytic epistemology/metaphysics, NIU - want to work in any other subfield (assuming no attachment to any particular profs or locale), it’s probably a toss up.
  5. Anyone have any insight into the status of New Mexico’s waitlist?
  6. I too have not yet heard from DePaul. Not sure if they do hidden WLs or not.
  7. If it’s anything like two years ago (when I applied), you’ve got a good shot - GSU went through the entire waitlist that year. But maybe they’ve remediated the process since then. Either way, as with most places, it’s possible to get an earlier offer but if one comes it’s likely to be in the week leading up to 4/15.
  8. Thanks for the update. Who’d you reach out to at BU? I tried sending a message via the admissions portal and the response was singularly unhelpful.
  9. Given the circumstances, normal. But, that doesn’t mean you should rule out seeking help.
  10. That’s good information to know. Please do pass on any news when you hear back!
  11. Same for BU and McGill (but like someone else said, the latter I don’t think has released any rejections yet - don’t know about waitlists)
  12. I find that an MA program’s reputation typically has less to do with the names of the faculty than with whether it produces students who go on to succeed in PhD programs. In other words, a great writing sample and letters from School X (with lesser known faculty) will outweigh a so-so sample and letters from School Y (with better known faculty) - and that’s largely baked into the MA rankings. Most advantages of MA programs seem to be indirect - and since indirect advantages can be hard to quantify, there’s no guarantee that they’d be greater for you at Tufts rather than SFU, so if it were me,
  13. Waitlisted at Indiana - “near the top” - got the email about an hour and a half ago. Definitely a top choice for me, so anyone who’s got an offer and isn’t going to accept, please kindly decline soon - thanks!
  14. Saw a waitlist from Bostin U. Anyone know if they’ve sent acceptances yet?
  15. The more important question, I think, is do you want to spend two years of your life studying figures and issues in analytic philosophy that you aren’t passionate about while your real passion in the field atrophies? As far as more pragmatic concerns go, both the writing sample and “fit” we all know are two major issues for PhD admissions, in addition to letters. So: 1. It’s more likely faculty at a PhD will know or at least know of your letter writers if they are in the same subfield. The philosophy world is small, but not that small. 2. One of the selling points of an MA is
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