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  1. I got my official rejection this morning but I emailed my POI yesterday and he confirmed that he ended up going with a student in the experimental program but I was his 2nd choice ;__; so close I could taste it! If you haven't heard yet, maybe that's a good thing?
  2. To those waiting to hear from McGill Counselling PhD, apparently acceptances were sent out yesterday (I know of 3 of my colleagues who received official acceptance offers).
  3. ...Oh nevermind Sorry to hear. Guess I'll sit back and wait for the rejections to start rolling in? Ugh this is torture!
  4. Thank you! I have been anxiously awaiting anything from Ottawa and my inbox is still full of crickets from all three programs I applied to (Ottawa and McGill clinical, McGill counselling) I was told by my POI at Ottawa (JB) that I was in his top 4 back in the fall so I was feeling fairly confident going in... but quickly lost that once I saw others on this forum had received interviews and I hadn't! Good luck to all of us who are still hanging in there
  5. I am ! Although I spoke with my 2nd choice POI yesterday (we are writing a paper together - he was my thesis supervisor) and he kind of hinted at the fact that I may not be getting an offer of admission... Sad face...
  6. Congrats!! Could anyone who's been interviewed at Ottawa send me their POI's initials? I am still waiting for an email but I was pretty confident going in, I had an interview back in the fall and mine told me I was in his "top four" so I guess things can always change!
  7. I have a few friends in that program, I myself am doing an MA at McGill right now in Counselling. It is extremely research intensive, so I am not sure what you are looking for but if you are looking to become a practitioner, it might not be the best route from what I've heard.
  8. I am also waiting to hear from both! I posted before but Ottawa is usually later in the game according to my POI, he says that professors don't even get the list of students that applied to their lab until February. And even then, apparently ranking is really important. If you rated your professor as 2nd or even 3rd, it is unlikely they they will see your application. You get maximum points if the ratings match - so if you are your POI's first choice and they are also your first choice. Hope this helps!
  9. We will, as soon as we are accepted. Unfortunately the majority of us are waiting for interview days/final decisions - not to mention governmental funding. I am sure when you are in the midst of applying in Fall 2020 you will understand why we all need moral support!
  10. I don't know if you have ranked yourself based on the uOttawa ranking grid; students rank I think up to 8 points and publications only count for a max of 2. Most important I would say (from experience talking with my POI, plus I was an undergraduate student there) is your GPA, as well as your selection and ranking of POI (and what they rank you).
  11. @Clinicalpsyc12 @ClinPsyc19 @TrindStarr Hey guys, thought you might want to know - I emailed my POI at uOttawa asking about a general timeline, and he advised that uOttawa is generally a bit later in the game (unfortunately for us). He said that profs aren't notified about which students applied to their labs until February, so we should expect news in February/March. Ughhh!
  12. Thank you! I've already given up on McGill as I have not been contacted yet, so my hopes are now on Ottawa! I know the French Stream is usually less competitive but I also applied to the most competitive POI at Ottawa so.... May have screwed myself over hehe but his research is just so fun! Good luck to you and please let me know if you hear anything, I will do the same of course
  13. Did anyone here apply to uOttawa? I applied to the French Stream but haven't heard anything and haven't seen anything in the forums about it.
  14. Well, it was a shot in the dark for me anyway; I was primarily applying for the counselling PhD but we are allowed 2 applications for one fee, so I figured I'd try my chances with clinical haha. Still wishing you luck though!
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