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  1. Since people are posting jobs they know of opening on the horizon--Does anyone know of any genetic/genetic counseling assistant or even research type jobs opening in Ohio? Specifically Cincinnati or Dayton area?
  2. I’m on mobile so I can’t see your signature—where again did you interview? that list opens in a half hour. It’s not over til it’s over.
  3. I did not match anywhere. I’m beyond broken this morning.
  4. I have a new freak out I just came up with: One of my schools had a scholarship track for diversity. I don’t really qualify for it, but I ranked it anyways. Above the regular track. Now I’m freaking out because I’m like WHAT if that’s what it picks, and I’m disqualified for something?
  5. So one other paranoid worrier question...2 out of the three programs I sent thank you emails to, haven't responded. Should I be worried that's a really bad sign? I think at this point I just like to worry. April 27th can't come quick enough.
  6. I have a question--those of you who applied to USF, have you heard back? I was thinking about this today.
  7. I'm glad I haven't sent them yet then. How embarrassing! Thank you for letting me know!
  8. Thank you email question--those of you who know what your top choice will be, are you telling them you're ranking them number one in your thank you email? or is that too bold? also i'm torn because i don't want to be a jerk, but i also don't remember the name and workplace of everyone who interviewed me, so i'd like to just send them to the program directors and assisstant directors.
  9. How is everyone handling thank you notes? Are you just sending emails to the director and assistant director of the programs you interviewed with? I need to send one and i'm nervous about either looking cliche, or rude if i wait much longer (it's been a week!)
  10. My first interview is Wednesday. I'm having a mild meltdown I'm so nervous, I feel unprepared. Anyone have advice? People who have already had interviews this cycle what has it been like? Especially anyone who's had an interview at UAB?
  11. Anyone else from our thread interviewing at UAB next Wednesday (28th)?
  12. Utah said they wont even review your applications? What?
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