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  1. hotchocolate123

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    Sheeeesh. Fiiiiinally got my Columbia rejection today.
  2. hotchocolate123

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    Berkeley was the only school were I applied to the GSE instead of Sociology dept...but I also am in the same boat. I got an official letter from the Graduate Student Division, then an invite to the Diversity Day, but haven't heard from my dept./ about funding at all.
  3. hotchocolate123

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    It's been straight up radio silence from Columbia, Princeton, NYU, and Penn for me. I called Columbia a few days ago (I was admitted to Berkeley GSE and the only program I would probably choose over them is Columbia Sociology) and the person said "not all decisions have been sent out yet" which is annoying language bc obviously I know that....I haven't heard my decision....but like if all acceptances have been sent out, then why lead me on???
  4. hotchocolate123

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    I am in the same boat. I am looking at it as certainly not bad news....but not guaranteed good news. It means we weren't on the first round of rejections????? maybe?????? I'm going to keep telling myself that....
  5. hotchocolate123

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

  6. I received an offer of admission from my top program, but the email came only from the dean of the entire grad division, and nothing from the specific school yet. Is this normal? I have no idea who my advisor will be/haven't heard directly from the department and I was told I would hear more on funding but are they going to invite me to visit or anything? I have been over the moon and excited for the past 24 hours but now I am honestly feeling really nervous and what if it was a mistake/they give me no $$/now I'm freaking out.
  7. hotchocolate123

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    okay some ppl have been accepted and some have been rejected and I'm feeling like maybe my application got lost on the interweb or something...
  8. hotchocolate123

    Penn GSE Interviews

    @dustn123 I am also an ECS applicant and I was wondering the same thing. I only saw postings from other programs within ECS and can't figure out if I just didn't get an invite or if ECS is behind the wave. Your post makes me feel like I have some hope for more coming in this week!
  9. hotchocolate123

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    And can you confirm whether the notification came from a POI (if so, which one?).
  10. hotchocolate123

    Favorite Rejection Quotes from the Results Page

    *sips from delicious glass of white tears* "BS in Biochemistry at Temple U. 6 month undergraduate research in biophysics (wet lab), 6 months undergraduate research in Computational biophysics, and 2 years as a research technician in pathobiology at UPenn. 3 co-authors and currently submitting a first author paper. 4 LORs. Rejected via email. I'm a middleclass white male. I'm not saying I'm the best candidate, but if you arent a female or URM, you will most likely be rejected. On their program overview page it says over the past few years 61% were female and 31% URM. Good luck to all of you hard working white men out there!"

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