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  1. Retake GRE?

    should I just cut to the chase and join the military with a 166v and horrifying 147q?
  2. On living with your 'second choice'

    there are many cases, at least for me, where you can tell that a certain emotion comes from an irrational place (such as romanticization), yet it is still hard to get your emotions in line with your head.
  3. Acceptance Thread

    Rejected to all 7 Phd programs to which I applied, yet accepted to Boston College's MA. Already have an MA however, so I'm not sure whether it is prudent to go deeper in debt for a second MA, when ultimately I could be shut out from Phd programs after getting the BC MA. I did notice that, although not all of the BC students have their info listed, 7 of the Phd students that did have their credentials listed entered after getting a BC MA, so that is encouraging. ...If anyone happens to have info on this sort of thing (moving from a department's MA to Phd program), it'd be much appreciated.
  4. Rejection Thread

    Looks like I am 0/6 with only one decision left standing. This is somewhat difficult since I have been set on a philosophy PhD for 5 years or so. Originally I wanted to get a PhD in English, but I took a class on existentialism and was hooked. After receiving good grades and positive feedback, my intention was encouraged...It is tempting to blame my lack of success on going to an unprestigious undergrad and MA program. But I assume the truth is that my writing sample was not strong enough. I am also kicking myself for not being more definite regarding my dissertation topic in my statement of purpose. I mentioned what fields I am interested in, and which figure in the history of philosophy I'd like to focus on, but I think I should have been more precise about the question that I'd like to address in my dissertation. Now I suppose the decision is in my court...to continue with this idea of getting a Phd in philosophy and reapply next year, or to change tracks and come up with a new path for myself.
  5. Spare time?

    Entitled Opinions is a great show. Robert Harrison is cool and goes deep.
  6. Rejection Thread

    I've never emailed, but for an administrator to get upset by a student requesting an update would be childish. Acting on the assumption that other people behave according to 5th grade logic would be absurd.
  7. Unranked programs

    Yea, along these lines...from speaking to multiple professors whose expertise is in continental philosophy (but do not take an analytic angle), it doesn't appear they have the perception that someone who knows a continental philosopher (e.g. Heidegger) and went to a highly ranked analytic program (e.g. Chicago) is superior to a student who knows continental and went to an unranked program. In other words, the default for continental ppl. seems to be that an individual who studied continental at an analytic school is suspect, until further notice. I'm not saying this is just, but it seems to be a common perception. Another point. Consider what would happen if continental programs, such as Oregon, DePaul, Penn State etc., hired heavily from top ranked analytic programs. Continental programs would start to lose prestige, since Phds wouldn't be getting hired. It makes sense that continental programs would have a sort of implicit agreement to hire amongst themselves.