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  1. apophantic

    2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    This is my second year applying. after 5 rejections this round, just got my first acceptance from University of Georgia, with an assistantship. elated about this happy twist of fate. i hope the best for everyone.
  2. apophantic

    Any Political Philosophers Here?

    thank you for sending your notes. "It's unclear to me how our subjective experience impacts political life". here is a way of drawing the connection, in terms of beliefs. perhaps you could tell me if you think it makes sense: if a society is democratic (not just in name, but actually), and the majority through election stands behind the legality of gay marriage, then the society's law will be pro gay marriage. assuming non-coercion, the reason the majority is behind gay marriage is because the majority believes in gay marriage. why does the majority believe in gay marriage? it could objectively be the case that gay marriage is more reasonable than anti-gay marriage, i.e., that someone thinking rationally will support gay marriage. but belief X being objectively rational is not sufficient for some agent believing X. for an agent to believe anything, the agent must experience/cognize the belief as rational; for any agent to affirm a belief, the belief must appear to the agent as worthy of affirmation, i.e., rational. so that would be one way experience connects to politics. beliefs are beliefs in virtue of the way in which the propositional content appears to the thinking-agent. imagining a concrete connection between time phenomenology and politics is trickier. i'll get back to you if i think of something
  3. apophantic

    Preparing for graduate level coursework

    I've personally found a higher emphasis on scholarship. whereas in undergrad, a paper might be well received in virtue of being intelligently argued or interesting in itself, a grad paper also has to be accurate and well-versed in the relevant literature. accuracy and knowledge of the relevant lit is obviously also emphasized in undergrad, but the emphasis becomes stronger in grad.
  4. apophantic

    Any Political Philosophers Here?

    Yes, I'd be interested in your handout, if you wouldn't mind sending it. Han's work on time is not explicitly political, although it has implications for political thought. For example, when a society experiences time as an onward march of progress toward Utopia, presumably this will impact the organization of the state. Other works by Han are explicitly political, such as "Transparency Society", "Psychopolitics", and "The Burnout Society". I mentioned the work on time because Zelda_Fitz asked for a recommendation.
  5. apophantic

    Any Political Philosophers Here?

    that was the first thing i read by him. i love his style. i read the "Scent of Time" next. he claims that in different eras of western culture, there are different experiences of time. so in our era, we experience time as a series of atomic nows, which do not naturally flow together or cohere; he talks about a "directionless whizzing". whereas in the past (for example, in the era preceding our own -- the era of modernity), there was, according to Han, the sense that time was "marching" progressively toward a goal; upward and onward toward some greater state, some "salvation" lying in the future. it is interesting, anyway, to think about how different cultures experience time.
  6. apophantic

    Any Political Philosophers Here?

    do any of you political philosophers know Byung-Chul Han? interesting stuff...he describes the "zeitgeist" well.
  7. apophantic

    Philosopher Musician Hangout

    dude that's an interesting track. appreciate the dark vibe and patient build. my setup is primitive...just ableton live and a mini Novation 25 key. and presonus monitors
  8. apophantic

    Do Adcoms 'assign' incoming students to faculty members?

    I didn't email any POIs, but I've heard it is a good idea. I also wonder about whether the applicant is chosen on majority or whether a strong liking from one faculty member (or a couple) is enough. My guess is that it depends. I bet they generally go for applicants widely agreed upon as deserving, but if a faculty member feels particularly strong about an applicant, and the member is the person who likely would end up being their advisor, then I bet that could do it too.
  9. apophantic

    Philosopher Musician Hangout

    far out...i dig the track "Tap"...and "Spooky", especially the beginning
  10. apophantic

    Philosopher Musician Hangout

    yea, i make electronic music, for example
  11. apophantic

    Retake GRE?

    should I just cut to the chase and join the military with a 166v and horrifying 147q?
  12. apophantic

    On living with your 'second choice'

    there are many cases, at least for me, where you can tell that a certain emotion comes from an irrational place (such as romanticization), yet it is still hard to get your emotions in line with your head.
  13. apophantic

    Spare time?

    Entitled Opinions is a great show. Robert Harrison is cool and goes deep.
  14. apophantic

    Rejection Thread

    I've never emailed, but for an administrator to get upset by a student requesting an update would be childish. Acting on the assumption that other people behave according to 5th grade logic would be absurd.

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