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  1. Hi! This is kind of a long shot, but since you are in the area and seem to have an idea about other schools, I was wondering if you knew anything about the LaSalle or Temple programs? Have you heard anything good or bad about either of them? Thanks!
  2. SLPhilly

    Aural Rehabilitation

    Hi, I am taking Aural Rehab at ENMU right now. You have to apply to ENMU, but it is super easy and free(!) so it's not a big deal. You should be able to find the application link on their website. If I remember right, I signed up as a CDIS leveling student. Then you can take as many courses as you need. After you apply, you will have to talk to Suzanne Swift about getting signed up, I think. I'm doing the 8-week version so it only started a few days ago, but so far it seems manageable. There are quizzes and discussion boards every week, and a bunch of online lectures to watch. I picked ENMU because it was the cheapest, and so far the classes have all been pretty good! Also I think if you take it during the summer, it is cheaper.
  3. Hi, These are such important points that I never would've thought of! Would you mind telling me what schools you're referencing, now I am nervous it could be one I applied to! If you don't want to share it publicly, you can PM me! Thanks!!
  4. SLPhilly

    Vanderbilt Funding?

    Same here! I haven't been offered any funding anywhere - if somehow funding comes through from another school I would probably go there, because I'm kind of freaking out about the finances, but it's hard to say no to them! Hopefully they'll end up giving something. I'm telling myself that Nashville has a cheaper cost of living so it'll balance it out a little, ha. Living rent-free is a definite plus, and UF would be awesome too!
  5. SLPhilly

    ENMU SLP Leveling Pre-req Courses

    Hi, I actually took all of those pre-reqs at ENMU! I chose it because it was the cheapest I could find, plus it had all the classes I needed and I didn't want to have to mix and match and have even more transcripts to send in. The most I ever took at once was 3, and that was pretty stressful, but I was working part time - if you aren't working I think you could do it, but I wouldn't go over 3. Just make sure to stay organized to not miss any deadlines. Over the summer I took 2, intro to comm disorders and neuro, because I tried to balance a less demanding course with a harder one. I would say of all of them, anatomy was the toughest course for me. It was definitely the most demanding in terms of assignments and projects, instead of just quizzes. And her tests were pretty hard. Neuro was hard too, but she repeated questions a lot from quiz to quiz to really drill the info in, so the final wasn't too bad. Audiology took a lot of time and was on the harder side. Intro to disorders and phonetics were probably the easiest so if you are going to do 3, you might want to include them. Language development was a lot of info but (to me at least) more interesting and easier to absorb than the more science-y ones! The courses were all completely online and neuro has been the only class that required a proctored exam (just the final, like tvl said) BUT you can take it with an online proctor - basically you just take it with your webcam recording you. The way the courses are run totally depends on the teacher - some had no lecture component at all, some all lecture, some in between. I would read ratemyprofessor reviews before picking if you have the choice. Some were definitely more helpful than others. If you have any specific questions feel free to PM me! Good luck! PS - I just re-read that you need to take 5 all this summer... I don't actually think they let you take more than 4 at a time, so you may need to combine schools if you need to do all 5 - maybe you can find another school that has a slightly different schedule so they don't all overlap
  6. SLPhilly

    Vanderbilt Funding?

    Thank you, you too!! Don't worry, I think they probably are sending the letters out over a few days so don't read too much into it! Hopefully we all end up getting something! Is Vanderbilt your top choice?
  7. SLPhilly

    Vanderbilt Funding?

    I got a letter in the mail today (to my permanent address) saying that I am an alternate for funding and that they would most likely tell me if I got any the first week of April. Hope this helps!

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