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  1. Hi, I applied to PhD Electrical Engineering. I got the offer letter a few weeks ago. Early February maybe? I haven't accepted yet because I'm waiting to hear if I will be getting the Purdue Doctoral Fellowship. Has anyone received that? I have a question for everyone: Have you heard of any way to increase your odds of getting it? I'm wondering if I should commit myself to Purdue now (since I will be eventually) so that I may be more likely to get it since they already know I'm going there. Then again, I'm wondering if that may shoot myself in the foot. Maybe they will see that I've already accepted and there's no incentive to give it to me to get me to go there? Any suggestions? Yes, I am probably over thinking this. That's what graduate students do though right ? Accepted: 3/4 Interviews: 0/4 Rejected: 0/4 Nothing yet: 1/4
  2. Hi, I have been accepted to Purdue and recommended for the Purdue Doctoral Fellowship. I understand that it is a competitive award so I would like to increase my odds of getting it. Is there any advice on if it's advantageous to commit myself to Purdue early to increase my odds of getting this fellowship? Or are they more likely to award me the fellowship to try to get me to go there if I have not yet accepted the offer to attend Purdue? Any suggestions and experience with this would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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