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  1. I am going to disagree with PAEPAE on job prospects and scholarships - at least for the field currently. Although in the states you do get the AuD, it is still going to be another 2 years of school over the MSc. If you don't want to stay in the states, there is no need for the AuD - and if you ever want to in the future, you can always upgrade from the MSc. Currently the state of the job market in Canada is pretty great. I am in second year right now (uwo) and honestly, anyone who has put in effort into trying to get a job offer has - and with good pay. This is even the case for those who are
  2. I am currently finishing up my first year in Audiology at Western (combined clinical/research program). I know that waiting, especially in the last couple weeks leading up to the decisions, it can be super nerve wracking. If you have any specific questions about audiology, the combined program, or Western at all, feel free to ask! My stats last year: ORPAS GPA: I believe mine was 3.73. I came from out of province, so my gpa at my university was higher than my ORPAS GPA. I know that people in my class have wildly varying GPAs. All over the map. Admittedly, when I was applying and looking t
  3. I didn't apply anywhere else - just Western to the clinical and the combined program. The application for the combined program is still going so fingers crossed! Also, I saw that you were accepted to Western as well! Congrats!!!
  4. I have accepted. I didn't receive an email though. I went around the SLP forums and it seems like some of them are getting the same issue. After a day or so it changed in ORPAS though. I believe that it is fine, but I will probably end up checking before the 14th.
  5. Received an email - got accepted! 3.73 sub-GPA, >80 hours clinical volunteering and shadowing, a published paper, and a few conferences.
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