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  1. The procedure with the Secretary of State seems more like Apostille and may not be exactly what you need. I would double check with the German school on what specifically they mean by "certified". In many codified law countries "certified copy" is simply a copy with a "True copy" stamp and a signature of the issuing authority's official (school's in this case) or the closest notary public.
  2. Never. Not that I see anything wrong in it, but I can hardly imagine too males with no personal relationships hugging each other.
  3. I also have additional department funds on top of GTA in one of my offers, so I guess it's not uncommon (although in my case they indicated it on the admission letter). I would double check with both the department and the international office to make sure there is no mistake on your I-20. Also, maybe it's just me, but I would be really suspicious about the $11,800 estimate for 12 months. From my experience, schools tend to underestimate the expenses for international students.
  4. I would think about sociology, but you probably should consult professors in your field.
  5. I wound still thank them fro whatever assistance/communication you had and also would try to keep at least some links "open". Even if you won't apply there again, it's a small world and there is a chance that you'll meet these people in some capacity later.
  6. Nope. Got my top choice acceptance today.
  7. After doing an undergrad in a small town, will do anything to stay away from small towns as far as possible. It affected my applications, though, not the decision.
  8. Apparently. Just got and email asking if I'm still interested. Well, faculty have other things to do besides informing applicants.
  9. Linear algebra might be quite handy in modelling. As for diffeqs, it's much harder, especially if you only had cal 2.
  10. One of the schools I applied to won't give any offers to the waitlisted until 4/15. Some people are getting offers as late as May. Don't give up!
  11. All I got were two waitlists. Just got an offer from one (although today that school is officially closed) and the other school simply doesn't make offers to the waitlisted till 4/15. Don't give up!
  12. Ole Miss undergrad, absolutely hated the place, but mostly for personal reasons. I'll try to be objective, though. + mostly warm, no winter, lots of nature trails/hikes around; + bars and everything; those who are into blues and country seem to like it; + except for housing and nightlife, it's rather cheap; + pretty decent (for a small town) in-city bus system, bike lanes, etc.; + baseball, football and tailgating, again, if you're into it; - again, the location: hellish summer, humidity (although not as bad as in LA or FL). .5 hour to the closest interstate, 1 hour to the mall, 1.5 to the airport, cant get in/out without a car; - besides drinking and outdoors, there's not much to do; - the rent is too damn high (by Southern standards); - large portion of the undergrad population might be quite annoying ("my parents will take care of it" kind of mentality).
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