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  1. @MAnthroAA That is really good to hear! Always happy to have the tough choice affirmed. Pumped to move to Providence!
  2. what is your decision? I considered uconn statistics but ultimately chose a biostatistics program. I have no doubt you'd get a solid education there!
  3. I've narrowed down my final two choices for a PhD beginning Fall '17 to Johns Hopkins University's Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (School of Engineering) and Brown University's Department of Biostatistics (School of Public Health). I've been accepted at both. I'm interested in applied statistics (I have work experience in data science and an M.S. already), so biostatistics sounds like a natural fit. I'm curious about the reputation of the Brown program. It seems small but mighty! My concern is that by going to Brown, I'm throwing away the opportunity to rub shoulders wit
  4. Hi @cyberwulf, sorry to hit you on an old thread. I'm considering Brown Biostatistics for PhD and am wondering if you stand by this statement. Has Brown risen in rank? Is it regarded? My other option is JHU AMS, which has professors with statistics and biostatistics interests, but is not a department wholly dedicated to either.
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