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  1. MT OISE 2017

    Hello, I've a few questions. 1. Anyone who is graduating in 2017 has the acorn/rosi requirements changed to invited from financially cancelled? Mines hasn't changed yet 2. Anyone who got into the UTS cohort? It'd be nice to know some people beforehand 3. Do we choose your winter electives now or around Dec session? Since they said enrolment is automatic, I'm sort of confused at that. At UTM, we had to choose our year courses in Sept 4. Any fb groups I can join? That'd help a ton thanks
  2. MT OISE 2017

    Financially cancelled, just means that you haven't completed your year with avg required and/or proof of degree conferred not received. when you do that , it'll change to invited - Also, does anyone knows about the written notification for current UofT students, like could we mail them or email would be fine, and do we need send diploma etc? Thanks in advance