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  1. I was admitted and am uncertain of my focus as well! I applied as undecided. I do have a a pretty good idea of what I'd like to do, but I am considering a couple concentrations. "If I waited till I got my ducks all in a row I'd never cross the street. Sometimes u just have 2 gather up what u'v got & make a run for it." -some twitter person
  2. Hey! So I'm trying to decide between Boston University and Drexel University for a MPH. I am looking for opinions on the epidemiology programs in particular. I'm pretty sure I will be heading that route. Also, I will be focusing on the LGBT+ community. So if there are any current students that can attest to the quality of education, opportunities for community involvement and real work experience, job outlook, LGBT-friendliness, networking, general satisfaction with the areas.. umm etc. Any and all opinions are welcome : ]
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