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  1. Hi guys, the deposit deadline is fast approaching and I guess many of you have already submitted the deposit. But for anyone who is still debating about whether or not to attend the school due to financial reasons and therefore, have not submitted their deposits, I highly recommend you to give the finaid team a call TODAY. I dropped them an email on Monday, explaining my situation and why I was hesitant to pay the deposit fee. To my surprise, I was notified that I received additional funding yesterday. Needless to say, I dropped everything and submitted my deposit. Anyway, I hope my good news
  2. I read somewhere on the previous' posts that someone managed to increase her funding from 50k to 70k. I have yet seen any posts from people who successfully secure funding from 0 though. Still there is hope ... In my case, I am hoping to get 10k per year increase which seems highly unlikely atm.
  3. Hi all, has anyone started the negotiation process? I have sent an email to the SIPA finaid team but no response so far. I can imagine they are swamped with questions at this point.
  4. Accepted to MPA with 72k funding. I was early admitted in Dec but only found out about the funding today.
  5. 2 month of waiting for the results ... I don't think my heart can take it ...
  6. Same - I've just done my video response yesterday. Good luck to both of us
  7. I just happened to start the application super early. And yes, the essay low word count was certainly tricky. My background: University: Economics degree at LSE GRE: 161V 165Q 4.0AWA - didn't have time to prepare for the writing session Work experience: 2 years as consultant Born and raised in Vietnam, living in London for the last 6 years
  8. I am aiming to submit my MPA application next week
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