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  1. tobeslp

    GRE question

    Nope! I took mine in early November 2017 to apply for fall 2018. Good luck!
  2. tobeslp

    MGH 2018 Applications

    @Chuanbing Sorry I meant about the open house haha sorry I was unclear!
  3. tobeslp

    MGH 2018 Applications

    Thanks for sharing! Did they give any other details or mention that an email with more information would be sent out?
  4. tobeslp

    What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    I'm also still waiting on Northeastern! So you're not alone in this haha
  5. tobeslp

    Boston Schools – Car?

    Hi! I currently live in the Boston area and get by fine without a car. I take a bus to work, and I live near a T stop so it's easy to get around.
  6. tobeslp

    Boston schools

    BU said we should hear back this week!
  7. Congrats to you as well! I have no idea how I'm going to make a decision once I hear back from all the schools. What are your thoughts on the Boston area schools? Thank you! I most likely will not be attending U of U
  8. I got acceptances from University of Utah and MGH within minutes of each other! It's such a relief knowing that I'll be attending a program this fall.
  9. Does anyone know about University of Utah? I've seen acceptances and rejections on the results page, but I haven't heard anything yet.
  10. tobeslp

    Boston University Website

    Thank you!! I had the site bookmarked from a while ago and I guess they changed the site and url.
  11. tobeslp

    Boston University Website

    How are you planning to prepare for the interview with the website still down?
  12. tobeslp

    Northeastern University

    When did you apply?! Oh sorry haha I just read your above post
  13. tobeslp

    Boston University Website

    I got my email this afternoon!
  14. tobeslp

    Northeastern University

    I don't know. Have you heard anything from them? They are the only school that didn't confirm they received my application

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